Will Gollop’s 1991 MG Metro 6R4

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Will Gollop's 1991 MG Metro 6R4Will's crank stroke was reduced to give 2.3 litres, this gave him a four litre capacity with the 1.7 conversion factor for turbo engines. The capacity governs the 6R4's weight and thus acceleration, running in the 1100kg 4-litre class. The V64V engine had twin KKK turbos with a pair of intercoolers, with the intercoolers running at correct temperature the car would release 750bhp, with 800bhp possible, if the transmission was up to it! The fuel injection and ignition system are controlled by a Lucas Micos management ECU. Chris Humphries developed several different computer chips for the ECU to improve response. One of the last allows positive boost from 7000 rpm with a power band from 5000-10,000 rpm. At the time chip development was restricted as G-Tech only had one engine so he could only experiment when it was in for a rebuild. Front and rear diff casings were beefed up, the rear had an additional mounting to prevent the pinion wheel moving. The torque was split 45/55% and the gearbox used XTrac gears in a standard casing. The ratios are low enough and enough torque in the engine for the 6R4 to start in 2nd gear! The suspension had progressive springs with modified dampers designed to cope with very high operating temperatures, wheels were 8.5x16 Revolutions with 22.5x8.6x16" Avon slicks. The Metro side pods were produced for G-Tech in kevlar, making them incredibly strong and able to withstand the rigours of a 'non-contact' sport. Will used a polycarbonate windscreen, due to stones being flung back from other cars at 100 mph and it wouldn't scratch when the wipers were used. The engine ran Champion BN57 hard race spark plugs, they got oiled up easily and required replacing regularly. Engine temperature would reach 95 degrees, whilst the exhaust would get to 960 degress! Following the major accident at Lydden in 1991, the penultimate round of the European Championship, it took 600 man hours to rebuild, including 225 cupts of tea, 104 phone calls, 67 welding rods, 20 litres of oil, 14 tig welding tungsten electrodes and 10 litres of black paint to get the poor Metro back to competition.

Will Gollop's 1991 MG Metro 6R4 Performance Stats

  • 0-60 - 2.5 seconds
  • MPG - 2mpg
  • 0-100mph - under six seconds
  • Top speed - 110mph (due to gearing)

Will Gollop Metro 6R4 Gallery

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