What does the colour of your car say about you?

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With the warmer weather comes a desire for a spring clean. This could mean changing your wardrobe. Changing your job. Changing your spouse. Whatever it is that makes you feel alive again after a long cold winter spent indoors, you’ll be looking forward to it with great anticipation. What about changing your car for a newer model or something a little bigger or sportier? That’s usually pretty high on most people’s lists of improvements they can make to their daily life to help feel fresh and invigorated and ready for summer.

If, of course, you are looking to swap cars due to your car having been damaged in a road traffic accident, you may need to speak to a car accident lawyer. This is a common theme among motorists looking to move on from their current set of wheels. If you’re ready to move on, you may be thinking about what colour car would suit your best. Let’s take a look at what the colour of your car says about you.

Red cars aren’t for the faint of heart
Red is an explosive colour. If you dress yourself in red and decorate your home in lots of reds and feel attracted to laptops and phone covers that are more red than any other colour, you may be an extrovert. You don’t necessarily have to be the life of the party to be attracted to the colour red, but it usually indicates you’ll want to be known for a personality that contains humour, fun, impulsiveness, and even aggression. Owners buy red cars because they want to show them off. Does this sound like you?

Grey and silver cars (similar, but not the same)
Wallflowers who shy away from attention go for grey cars, whereas silver car owners wish to show off their savvy side. Grey says maturity and confidence in a similar way, but also says you aren’t given to shows of extravagance. Silver says you have a taste for tech and innovation - sophisticated without being gaudy.

Blue cars display stability
There’s a reason many fast cars are red, many executives drive grey or silver cars, and many family cars are blue. This is a colour that says compassion and enthusiasm for stability. Strength, without being over the top. If that sounds like you, you are probably a family person or planning a family. Sound about right? Then blue cars could be the way forward for you. Also, remember that whatever colour you choose, there could be implications in terms of resale value.