What Can You Do With Your Old Vehicle?

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All vehicles have a limited lifespan. Once they reach their limit, keeping them around becomes either too costly or too annoying. This is why people often leave older vehicles lying around on their property. They collect dust and gradually become eyesores. If you have a rusty car molding away on your property, you should consider doing something about it.

As an owner of a useless car, you should know that you can put your rundown vehicle to good use. There are a number of car disposal options available to you. All of these options are good for the environment and may even get you some money.

Why Should You Care About Your Old Vehicle?

An old car is much more than a rotting pile of metal. There are a lot of valuable parts and materials in a vehicle. These can be extracted from the car and used in a number of ways. That old pile of metal lying around on your property may be worth a lot more than you think. Instead of leaving it at the mercy of the elements, you can get it recycled. Recycling an old car can be a great way to make extra money.

Recycling an old car can also be beneficial for the environment. A rotting vehicle will have certain substances in it that can be toxic. Leaving it around isn’t exactly a good thing to do. Also, by having it recycled, you can help contribute towards lessening the amount of pollution that we humans produce.

Donate Your Car

If your car is in a rundown state but can be used, you should consider donating it. This is a great way to help the community and also recycle your vehicle. There are plenty of charities that will be willing to take your car off of your hands and put it to good use. They usually sell old cars and use the money to help different charity cases.

Going to a charity can be great for you; you get your old rundown vehicle removed from your property. You also do a good deed for society and for the environment. What’s more, some places can even grant you a tax concession for donating your old car. Just make sure that you pick your charity carefully. There are plenty of shady charities out there that will sell your car and disappear with your money.

Recycle Your Car

If you cannot find any charities in your area, you can consider recycling your car yourself. recycling your car directly can get you a bit of cash as well. The state of your car, its make, and model, and its condition determine how much money can you get out of it. If your car isn’t extremely old and still has salvageable parts, you might be able to recycle it for a very lucrative amount.

In order to recycle your car, you should contact your nearest junkyard. Alternatively, you can look for companies that provide car disposal services. These companies come straight to you and take your vehicle off your hands. They will evaluate your car and name a price for it. If you find it agreeable, they will pay you on the spot and take your car away.

Have It Traded In?

Not all old cars are broken down, some are simply too old and not safe to drive anymore. If your car still functions, you get more use out of it by having it traded in rather than recycled. The trade-in options available to you will vary from place to place. In some areas, car manufacturers and the government may have trade-in policies in place. Other places may not have official coverage, but you could find trade in services at a local car dealer.

The trade-in process is pretty simple. You get your car evaluated in order to know its worth. The value of your car will depend on its condition, model, and its make. If you find a place that names a good value for your car, you can close the deal with them. You can sign over your car to them and get money in exchange for it.

The money that you get from a trade-in vehicle can vary. Regardless of how much you get, the amount can finance your next vehicle purchase.


Recycling your old car can be a great way to clear up space on your property, save the environment, and also make money. You have a number of recycling options available to you. Do a bit of research and figure out which one is the best for you.

The money that you get from recycling an old vehicle can help you pay for your next vehicle. The more funds you have, the more choices you will have to pick from.