What Age-Group Have the Most Motor Accidents?

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It is true that the number of motor casualties and fatalities has been in decline over the last 50 years, there are still many motor accidents on the roads in Great Britain - in 2016, there were 181,384 accident casualties recorded along with 1,792 fatalities and this number is not coming down as fast as it should.

Who is Involved the Most?

A study showed that 46% of those fatal road accident victims in 2016 were car occupants while 25% were pedestrians and 6% cyclists. Of course, car occupants take up the majority of road users and the DfT instead looked at accident casualties in terms of number of miles travelled to identify the vulnerability of different road users. Looking at it this way, the information shows a higher casualty rate for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists who are much more vulnerable compared to car, bus and lorry occupants.

Younger Drivers

It is also worthwhile looking at which age-group are involved in the most motor accidents. It is often young drivers that are identified as the most dangerous group on the road, but how true is this? Statistics show that 17-19-year olds account for 1.6% of road users with a full license but they are also involved in 6% of accidents which is disproportionately high. Additionally, 22% of fatalities on GB roads in 2011 occurred in accidents involving a driver aged 17-24 and in 65% of collisions, the fatal injury was sustained by someone other than the young driver.

Older Drivers

It is not just young drivers that are involved in a high number of accidents, though, as older drivers are considered higher risk. Older drivers represent 10% of all individuals holding a full license and are also involved in 6% of all road accidents. Both groups pose a higher risk than other age groups but for different reasons but many industry experts are calling for reforms to be made as to how people are taught to drive.


Accidents are, unfortunately, common on the roads and can be incredibly dangerous. Anyone that is involved in an accident that was not their fault could look to seek compensation as a way to recover the damages involved and put the accident behind them.

The roads can be dangerous even for the safest of drivers and both young and older drivers are often the ones that cause the most concern, but that is not to say that other age groups are completely safe and the key is for all motorists to be aware of just how dangerous driving can be.