VW Passat History

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Passat VW Passat              
August 1973 Presentation of the first Passat as a hatchback, saloon and estate.  Entry-level engine is a 1.3-litre with 60 PS
December 1976 1,000,000   Passats produced
March 1978 First Passat   diesel introduced, with a 1.5-litre 50 PS power plant
October 1978 Passat GLI, with 110 PS 1.6-litre petrol engine
April 1980 2,000,000   Passats produced
November 1980 Second Passat generation unveiled as hatchback, saloon and estate
August 1982 Passat’s   first turbodiesel is launched, a 1.6-litre with 70 PS
July 1984 First Passat syncro (4x4) introduced in the estate GT, with 115 PS   2.0-litre five-cylinder engine
January 1985 Model upgrade: new front, new rear end; the Santana is the new name   for the Passat  saloon
April 1988 Third Passat generation debuts, initially just as a saloon
June 1988 Presentation of new Passat estate
November 1988 Two new   engines: 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine with 136 PS and uprated turbodiesel   with 80 PS
June 1990 5,000,000   Passats produced
June 1991 2.8-litre VR6 engine with 174 PS is added to the range
August 1993 Twenty years of Passat, with 6.2 million units produced. Press presentation of the fourth generation Passat
October 1994 A new flagship is introduced: Passat estate 2.9-litre VR6 syncro, with   184 PS
August 1996 Press presentation of the fifth generation Passat saloon in Dresden.  The petrol engine range extends from a 100   PS 1.6-litre to 190 PS 2.8-litre, and two diesel engines with 90 PS and 110   PS
March 1997 Premiere of the fifth generation Passat estate at the Geneva motor show.
September 1997 150 PS V5 is added to the range of engines
October 1998 115 PS TDI unit injector (Pumpe Düse) diesel is added to the range
January 1999 V6 TDI with 150 PS expands the Passat’s diesel line-up
January 2001 UK launch of   facelifted Passat; changes include new front and rear styling, plus   introduction of 100 PS and 130 PS 1.9 TDI engine
September 2001 W8 4MOTION model is launched, featuring a unique 275 PS 4.0-litre   engine
December 2001 New 2.0-litre entry-level petrol engine is launched, with 130 PS
May 2003 New 163 PS version of V6 TDI is launched, with Euro 4 emissions   compliance