VW Jetta History

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VW JettaThe Jetta was launched in the UK in 1980, a compact saloon designed to slot between the Passat and Golf, offering customers a sporty car combining space, driving comfort and performance. The name derived from the Atlantic jetstream, combined with the luxury and power of a modern jetliner. Three engines – a 1.3-litre 60 bhp, 1.5-litre 70 bhp and 1.6-litre 110 bhp – were available at launch. A new model was launched four years later, with more space, improved dynamics and new engines, including two diesels. The last Jetta was sold in 1992. In total, 76,441 had found homes in the UK. The Jetta name lived on in the US, as the Bora was sold there with this title. JettaIn 2005 Volkswagen decided to revive the Jetta name in Europe, with the launch of the new generation Bora/Jetta. Volkswagen decided to adopt a worldwide uniform name for the new Jetta, and opted for the name used in the USA, where the Jetta is not only the company’s best-selling car, but also the top-selling European car outright. The new Jetta was launched in Germany on 3 June, and is due in the UK early 2006.Tags: