Turning Your Passion For Classic Cars Into A Thriving Business

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For many classic car lovers, these majestic vehicles offer a unique way to escape the modern world and a chance to meet with like-minded enthusiasts.

In some cases, classic car fans have turned their passion into a profitable business, and been able to support their fellow aficionados in the process.

If you’d like to turn your love of classic cars into a career and spend all your time doing what you love, then read on to find some tips to help guide you in the right direction.

Work Out What Services You Want To Offer

One of the first considerations you need to make when you’re creating a classic car business is what type of organisation you’re going to create and what it will offer. The services your business offers will depend on your own personal skills and expertise, as well as the demands of the classic car market. There are a variety of different classic car businesses on the market currently, so you can find an idea that suits your abilities and turn it into a successful organisation.

Create A Business Plan

Every new company needs a business plan, as this will help you to secure investment and show you what you need to do in order to achieve the success you desire. Put together a comprehensive business plan for your new classic car company, so that you have a blueprint that you can grow and expand upon. A business plan will also establish your new entity as more than just an idea: it will now have a structure and fully formed ideas. As such, if you wish to engage with investors and business partners, you can show them your business plan and offer them an insight into your plans.

Think About The Assets And Equipment You’re Going To Need

Any business is going to need equipment and assets, but the ones you’ll require will depend on the type of classic car company you’re going to start. If you want to run a classic car consultancy or offer financing solutions, then you’ll require software and administration support. For physical businesses, such as parts suppliers and restorers, you’ll need physical transport, such as vans, as well as branding solutions. For expensive assets, leasing can be a cost-effective solution. Swiss Vans offers lowered prices for Ford Transit custom leases, so you can test out this versatile vehicle and check that it meets the needs of your new organisation.

Build An Online Presence

Create an online presence that will show your authority in the classic car market and help you to reach your target market. Work with website developers to build a platform from which you can share details of your new firm’s service offering and expertise. Use SEO optimisation techniques to get the website ranking for keywords that potential clients will be searching for. As well as a website, you’ll also need to create social media pages for your new company, so that you can engage with a variety of interested parties and show them that you have the knowledge to provide them with an exceptional service offering or product range.

Show Off Your Expertise

Now that you have a strong online presence, you need to highlight your experience and knowledge of classic cars. To do this, you need to create high-value content on the subject of classic cars and any models, makes and ages of vehicles that you might be particularly knowledgeable about. You may already have some resources on your own personal presence that can be repurposed for this approach, or you can make new ones. Show off your collection of classic cars and make podcast episodes, blog posts and even videos to discuss what you know about the market. Building yourself up as an expert will help you to show potential clients that you have the expertise to provide exceptional support and that you will offer added value for them when they work with your new business.

Attend Tradeshows

As well as an online presence, you also need to build up your brand in the physical market. The classic car market is close-knit, so meeting with people face-to-face and creating relationships is vital. Attend classic car tradeshows and events to meet with suppliers, buyers and enthusiasts from across the market and around the globe. Spend time talking with people and emphasising your love of classic cars and knowledge of the market, so that they know that you’re someone they can trust and rely on.

Transforming any passion into a business takes time and commitment, but it will all be worth it when you get to spend all your time working with classic cars. We hope these tips help you to start a thriving organisation and that you enjoy your time working with some of the best vehicles ever made!