The Essential Guide to Driving in Europe By Julian Parrish – Book Review

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The Essential Guide to Driving in EuropeReleased just in time to inform all those looking to enjoy their classic or everyday car across the Channel or via the North Sea. This book covers all of Europe and not just the Union; so to the west Iceland and the east Russia, North the Scandinavian countries whilst southern destinations include the Mediterranean islands of Cyprus and Malta. As in depth as you would expect from this author who travels extensively to research his works.  No doubt many readers will know much of the ‘rules and regs’ of various countries but few will know them all. Julian Parrish, originally from Southport now resides in Paris and is very much a motoring enthusiast and can often be found enjoying Classic Car events across France. Accompanied by some great photography the information is laid out carefully beginning with the basics, including route planning, paperwork required and advice on taking pets etc.  For those straying into the Baltic states there are details on necessary driving permits and for all, good advice on dealing with an accident or breakdown whilst overseas. One section lists every country and specifies their particular rules and limits; even though the EU shares the same laws over many things, road rules are often unique to that country. As with Julian’s previous Enthusiasts Guide to France this book is laid out for easy navigation. Each area of Europe is divided up into regions, therefore those heading North will find the details of their destinations and those of surrounding countries. In Belarus it is an offence to drive a dirty car whilst in Spain driving wearing ‘flip-flops’ will get you a fine but in Bulgaria or Cyprus using the cars horn at night could land you in trouble. For those venturing towards the ferry ports for their first experience of driving abroad this book is a must and for the more experienced or seasoned distance driver this interesting and relaxed read is worth having in the glove box. Local knowledge of your destination is surely a bonus when heading into the unknown of another land, especially when driving. Advice on how safe the roads are, what you must carry in the boot or with your documents and what the road signs mean are all a necessity; in Finland there is a different warning sign preparing the driver for either Elk or Reindeer on the road; is there a difference? Best to avoid confrontation with either. The Essential Guide to Driving in Europe Author Julian Parrish Paperback. Height 210mm. Width 144mm 144 pages with 448 images Published by Veloce. £9.99.  March 2016 ISBN 978-1-845847-88-3   UPC 6-36847-04788-7   email: