The 1000 Lakes Rally 1985-91 DVD

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The 1000 Lakes Rally 1985-1991 DVDIntroduction The 1000 Lakes Rally is one of the most famous – and fastest – events to grace the World Rally Championship calendar. The gravel-covered tracks of the Finnish forests have produced numerous epic, high-speed battles, and the showdowns featured on this action-packed DVD will be, for many rally fans, the most memorable and thrilling. Get ready for more than two-and-a-half-hours of classic rally drama as we relive seven unforgettable years of the 1000 Lakes Rally. We start in 1985, at the height of the fire-breathing Group B monsters, and continue right through to 1991, when Finland’s own Juha Kankkunen finally claimed victory at the 11th attempt. Along the way we see the biggest names at their power-sliding best, including Markku Alen, Timo Salonen, Stig Blomqvist, Hannu Mikkola, Henri Toivonen, Malcolm Wilson, Miki Biasion, Didier Auriol and many more. Plus, there’s an all-star cast of the greatest rally machines, like Lancia’s 037 and Delta S4, Peugeot’s 205 T16, Ford’s Sierra Cosworth, Toyota’s Celica GT-4, Subaru’s Legacy, Mitsubishi’s Gallant and the ever popular Metro 6R4. Each year delivers edge-of-the-seat drama as our comprehensive coverage takes you from the Group B years when victory was decided by just seconds right through to Kankkunen’s unexpected and emotional win. Once again you can relive Ari Vatanen’s amazing return from serious injury in 1987, future World Champion Tommi Makinen bursting onto the scene in 1991 and Spain’s Carlos Sainz becoming the first non-Scandinavian to win the 1000 Lakes Rally, by just 19 seconds! The 1000 Lakes Rally is a classic, and you’ll want to relive these unforgettable years again and again. £16.99, available from Duke. 213 minutes running time. The Review Fantastic footage from one of the most spectacular, fastest and scariest rallies, the Group B period golden era of Finnish rallying, the 1980s. At well over three hours of action, it offers great value too! The best cars and the best drivers - including (but not limited to) Markku Alen, Timo Salonen, Stig Blomqvist, Hannu Mikkola, Henri Toivonen. Group B cars include the Lancia Delta S4, Audi Quattro and Peugeot 205 T16. Recommended for all rally fans...Tags:,