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Austin 7 Ulster 750ccThe poor relation of motorsport? Not real racing! That’s how sprinting has been described to me by people who know very little about motor racing apart from their fortnightly diet of F1, with the added bonus of Suzy Perry. Sprinting has been around for many years, offers a variety of clubs and circuits all over the country. Thousands compete from the local level right up to the MSA run National Championship in a massive variety of machines from Ex formula 3 single-seaters to a standard Mini from the 1980s and everything in between. Over this season I will be on the lookout for the machines that we enjoy at their details and owners out there competing with car and driver against the track and the clock. Where better place than my local circuit the historic and fast track of Goodwood to seek out these machines, trailered or driven by their owners, no 40 ton artics or extendable motorhomes in this paddock. Owner/driver/mechanic is the norm but if you are lucky like I was you had some help from a trusty mate who didn’t mind getting his hands dirty. The paddock is always a friendly place with help if you need it from all areas especially your competition, every effort made to get every car out for their runs. With a multitude of classes, variety of cars and various amounts of driver skill and experience there is a place for anyone looking to enter the world of motorsport. Austin 7 Ulster 750ccCar - Austin 7 Ulster 750cc Owner - Mark Groves Year - 1930 Owned - 7 years Class - Modified production Engine - Standard block all else modified Gearbox - Standard Suspension/brakes - Sort of standard/everything uprated Future plans - Race/sprint and enjoy Ford Anglia 105eCar - Ford Anglia 105e Owner - Graham Kendall owned for 12 years Year - 1960 How long sprinting - 3 years Class - Sports Libre Engine - 1.6 Toyota Twin cam ex MR2/twin 45 del auto carbs Gearbox - Ford 2000e 4 speed/ Toyota bell housing and cover/ Ford centre courtesy 105 speed Suspension/brakes - Front Mk 2 Cortina, Quaffe Diff Owned - 12 years /Bad crash 2008 forced change to front end and space frame design 1967 Volvo AmazonCar - Volvo Amazon 1998cc/owner Kevin Diamond How long sprinting - 18 months Year - 1967 How long owned - 18 months Class - Production saloon up to 2.0L Engine mods - High lift cams. Balanced and lightened Gearbox - Standard 4 speed Suspension/brakes - standard braked, competition pads, stiffened front Bilsteins, poly bushes Future - More sprints/hillclimbs, suspension overhaul, fit twin Webber carbs 1958 MG MGA CoupeCar - MG MGA Coupe Owner - Martin Phillis Year - 1958 Owned - 17 years Class - Road going modified Engine - Peter Burgess built 1950cc MGB Gearbox - Mgb with overdrive Suspension/brakes - Lowered stiffened front end with MGB V8 brakes Future - Just to keep on racing for as many years as possible
Stephen Chaplin - Mk6 JediCar - Mk 6 Jedi
Owner - Stephen Chaplin
Class entered - D14 Racing Cars upto 1100cc
Year - 2006
Engine - Suzuki GSXR 1000 K5
Gear Box -Sequential 6 speed as supplied by Suzuki, upgraded clutch
Suspension - Adjustable AVO shocks
Brakes - AP 2 Pot all round, groved discs
Future - Club Sprinting, plus double driving with my son in his Mini Cooper
Caterham R500Owner - Stephen Laing
How long sprinting : 15 years + ( campaign history:-  Westfield 2litre Punto, Caterham 1700 Crossflow, Exige Mk1, Caterham R500)
Car – Caterham R500
Year - 2009
Purchased: 2011
Engine – Ford Duratec 1998cc Caterham spec.
Gear Box -Sequential 6 speed
Suspension and brakes – Caterham R500 standard issue
Class entered – A8 Road going Kit Type and Replica Cars (Appendix 1 ) of 1701 cc and over including motorcycled engine cars of any capacity. ( Appendix 1 = Caterham, Westfield, Sylva, Fisher and Lotus 7, Elise, Exige, and 340R, Vauxhall 220, X – Bow and similar types/derivatives of these cars)
Future – Continue to enjoy Sprinting,
1964 Reliant Sabre Six Owner - Chris Gallacher Car - Reliant Sabre Six Year - 1964 Engine - 2553cc straight six Ford Gearbox - Ford standard Used for - Road rallies, sprints and hill climbs   1997 SSC Stylus Classic Owner - Rob Farley Car - SSC Stylus Classic (self built) Year - 1997 Engine - 2.0 Zetec Gearbox - Quaife type 9 Suspension - Heavierly modified fr and rear adjustable/coil overs Future - No plans to retire driver or car 1989 Ford XR2Owner - Rob King Car - Ford XR2 Year - 1989 owned from new Engine - Standard apart from Twin 40 Webbers and up rated exhaust Gearbox - standard Suspension - Spax units Brakes - Up rated pads and discs Future plans - carry on the same, life long partners   Owner - Tim Cole (father)  Sarah Munns (daughter) 1978 Mini Car - Mini Year - 1978 Engine - Full race 1380cc Gearbox - Straight cut with LSD Suspension - Fully adjustable Brakes - 4 pot calipers  and ventilated disc Future - The car is completed,  the family carrying on in sprinting 1972 Scimitar GTE SE5 Owner - Richard Carter (father) / James Carter (son) Car - Scimitar GTE SE5 Year - 1972 (car built from several 2007-2008) Engine - Essex 3.0 fuel injected Gearbox - four speed Suspension - modified Avo coilovers Brakes - Front and rear modified Future - Win More Championships   Owner: James Smith
1968 Reliant-AllardCar: Rellard /Reliant-Allard
Year: 1968
Engine: Ford V6 Essex
Gearbox: Getrag 5 Speed
Suspension/brakes:  Reliant Scimitar standard
Future: carry on with all forms of motorsport, inc Trials/hillclimbs/sprints
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