My Life in 140 Cars – Keith Stewart

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My Life in 140 Cars - Keith StewartWriting any book is a challenge and you have to admire the brave souls willing to put their literary skills onto paper for others to digest, dislike and often disregard. Many fail to win over the masses even with giant publishing house support, whilst a few take on the task solo and just for themselves, because they feel the calling. Keith Stewart has achieved his goal and over 110 pages takes the reader on a nostalgia trip with some great period images, in depth knowledge and Scouse humour. Produced on quality parchment, the author is obviously not chasing J K Rowling’s millions for this little gem costs less than a packet of fags. At only £9.00 delivered, the story begins with a 60s teenager chasing ‘Liver birds’ and classic cars and over the following decades his fascination for automobiles fails to diminish. Honest enough to admit buying many a ‘duffen’ and regretful, certainly, when selling on that all too rare ‘corker’, those cars that should have remained in his garage. No doubt this will remind many readers of similar clangers dropped, that XK or E Type that cost a few pounds in the 70s would now cover a holiday home in Spain; let go whilst chasing a profit. The author had barely left high school when the trading bug bit and by the age of twenty had already enjoyed the delights of DKW and a Renault Dauphine amongst his collection. The 140 cars certainly include many to raise the eyebrows, losing his way with a Lada and Le Mans in a Marina contrasts with the auto aristocracy of Allard or the gallant Ginetta’s he has enjoyed. Every era of motoring has at some time passed though Keith’s fingers from elegant Edwardians for the London to Brighton through to modern Mercs and the daily driver. If you have never endured the Veteran Car Run to Madeira Drive the explanation of ‘earning every mile’ is perfect, the event becomes another bug that bites and Keith offers a precise explanation of why people return to suffer every November. My Life in 140 Cars is a read where you find yourself saying ‘my dad had one of those’ or a friend, uncle etc. Entertaining and relevant to any classic car enthusiast at a great price, all you need is the Ebay page; My Life in 140 Cars – Author Keith Stewart ISBN 978-1-5272-0183-5         £9.00 including delivery