Medcalf Vintage Bentley – Open Day

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At their premises, in Liss, Hampshire those inspired by Bentley’s from the twenties and thirties gathered at the premises of William Medcalf to grab a chance to look around and quite simply be inspired. took the opportunity with both hands and with the help of employee Henry Platt enjoyed the full tour taking in every aspect of Bentley ownership, restoration and adventure. We discovered how a combination of craftsmen skill and state of the art equipment combines with old school engineering and modern technology to offer the owners the best for their beloved classics. ‘You can’t buy most of these parts off the shelf anymore’ Henry explained ‘it’s mostly in house or specialist made’. The Vintage Bentley News reports: Immersed in the world of vintage Bentleys for all his life, William Medcalf is an authority in all aspects of heritage Bentley ownership and his name is synonymous with the marque. Medcalf is based on the road from Brooklands to Goodwood, with easy links to the continent and beyond and is the only place you need if you want to buy, sell, service or prepare a vintage Bentley.

Vintage machines from 1921-32 that took on the world at Le Mans and brought forth the Bentley Boys are on display. The walls are decorated with images of Birkin, Duller, Kidston, Davis and Benjafield with their teams and cars in period, and here they preserve, restore and rally these machines every day of the week. The open days are normally combined with a ‘drive out’ and the next such opportunity will arrive during the spring, the date will be announced on the website;

Their car park featured a line up to compete with most high-end car shows but inside was full of folk that enjoy their motoring minus computer control systems…the workshops gleamed with polished alloy and ash wood frames combined with leather trimming and nickel plate. Best if I let the pictures do the talking.

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