Masters Pre-66 Touring Cars

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Voyazides/Hadfield Ford Falcon

Voyazides/Hadfield Ford Falcon

Touring car racing has a certain appeal, whether it be ofr the current generation of car or those from an earlier age. In an era when touring car racing worldwide comes as a single-class category, admittedly with different rules in different championships, the Masters Pre-66 Touring Car race shows how the categpry used to be as cars of all shapes and sizes do battle. A common factor at the head of the field is the mighty Ford Falcon of Leo Voyazides, shared with Simon Hadfield. The Bruce Stevens-prepared car is the one to beat, but won't have it all its own way this weekend. Mike Gardiner has been getting faster each time out in his similar Falcon and with former single-seater hotshoe Niki Faulkner as his co-driver, this could well be a thorn in the side of Voyazides/Hadfield. So, too, will Patrick Blakeney-Edwards who shares David Clifford's Mustang, PB-E being one of the more spectacular drivers of any historic car! More American muscle comes from Martin Melling's Ford Falcon and without regular co-driver Jason Minshaw (away on British GT duty), the car is shared with historic regular Graeme Dodd who should be in the leading pack. Add in Henry Mann's Ford Mustang and the similar car of engine builder Neil Brown and the Yank Tanks should produce an epic scrap.
Desmond Smail and Rob Huff

Desmond Smail and Rob HuffWith

The Lotus Cortina fight should be as intense as usual. Nigel Greensall shares David Moran's car and will be hard to beat, while reigning GP Masters champion Andrew Beaumont shares his car with ex-Caterham and sports-prototype racer Richard Fores. Reigning Gentlemen Drivers champion Andy Wolfe/Graham Wilson team up in a Mk1 Cortina and will be quick, as will the father-and-son McInerneys, Michael and Sean. Recreating the ETCC battles of the time, the Cortinas are up against German and Italian machinery. The Italian influence comes from Neil Merry's Alfa Romeo GTA, while former one-make ace Charles Tippet heads the BMW brigade in his 1800Ti against the similar car of Peter James, which is shared by another one-make hero, Paul Taft. And then there is the battle of the Minis....Nick Swift is the man to beat but won't have it all his own way, as the father and son Beebees, Robert and Josh, won't be far behind, nor will Desmond Smail or Masters head Ron Maydon. Ron is planning on sharing one of his cars with his mate, AC/DC front man Brian Johnson, while another father-and-son team, Keith and Nick Padmore, should be competitive as well. However, the real star could well be reigning WTCC Champion Rob Huff who shares with Desmond Smail and expect Huffy to be pestering the big-bangers! With split races on the Indy circuit on Saturday, cut at the 2-litre mark, and the all-in race on Monday, the touring cars are going to be real crowd-pleasers this weekend.Tags:,