How has the typical car dealership changed over the last 20 years?

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The introduction of the internet put a spanner in the works around the whole car buying experience and has since, changed the way we shop for our next vehicle. Consumers need reliable information fast and want to purchase online where possible. Gone are the days of visiting a dealership unaware of the other offers out there, haggling with salespeople and a lack of transparency about what deal you are actually walking away with.

Car buying websites and apps

When looking for your next car, do you head to the internet first? In general, for pretty much any purchase made nowadays, people head online first before they venture out to the shops. With sites such as Peter Vardy up and running, seeing what cars are available and the ability to calculate your own finance deals online has made the car buying experience a lot more digital than it every used to be. Consumers want to walk into a dealership already knowing what car they’re going to pick out, what monthly payment they’re going to be making and walking out with their new wheels there and then.

Car buying apps also making it a lot easier for customers to make sure they’re getting the best value for money as they can compare a vast number of vehicles from across the country all in one place, meaning that dealerships now have to be increasingly more competitive with their pricing.

The role of social media

Dealerships are beginning to understand the importance of their social media presence, and with Generation Y and Millennials growing up with these platforms, along with being incredibly tech-savvy, they’re more likely to head to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to look for photos and reviews when deciding where to shop for their next car.

Having a good digital marketing strategy for car brands is a must in 2019 and beyond; companies should always strive to use these social platforms in their after sales service to gain reach and engagement. The way these generations consume digital information from websites, ads and conversations on social media through the pages they like and the brands they follow, all play a part in their purchasing behaviour.

It’s safe to say the way in which we buy cars and how dealerships have had to move with the times is exponential, but if businesses adapt and take on board these digital elements, we’re sure that the car buying experience will continue to improve and become less painful for some.