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The FIA Historic Formula One Championship is one of the world's leading historic racing series The series is open to 3-litre Formula 1 cars originally built and raced in Grand Prix events in period. The cars must remain in 'period' condition and must use a control tyre. There are four classes; A - Cars built prior to 1997 B - Post-1971 cars without ground effect C - Post-1971 ground effect cars D - Later 'flat bottom' cars Points are awarded to the first six finishers in each class, 9-6-4-3-2-1, with an extra point for the fastest lap in each class. The 3-litre formula was introduced on 1st January 1966 and remained in force until 1985. The compact and powerful Ford Cosworth DFV engine was first offered to Lotus in 1967 and to other teams in 1968, many teams used it to great success. Joaquin FolchThe current Championship has been running since 1994 and winners of the Championship feature some of the best known names in F1 history - Lotus, Williams, Tyrrell, McLaren, Brabham and Arrows. The Championship has visited man ylegendary venues, such as the Nurburgring, Spa-Francorchamps, Magny Cours and Silverstone. Current Championship leader is Spaniard Joaquin Folch, who races an ex-Nelson Piquet Branham BT49. He has 57 points after winning five out of six races in 2012. He has lost just once this year, to Richard Eyre (Williams FW08) in the wet/dry conditions at the opening rounds at Hockenheim. Folch also leads class D by a good margin. Next in the standings in Phillipe Bonny, who races the only Trojan T103 built. Raced in period by Tim Schenkenm the Trojan had little success but Bonny has scored in every race this year and has amassed a total of 30 points. Terry Sayles - Osella FA1DChampionship stalwart Terry Sayles (Osella FA1D) in next up with 28 points with Eyre on 26. The fast and challenging sweeps of Silverstone should suit the ground-effect cars well and it is not hard to imagine that Folch will be the man to beat. However, the Lola T370 mounted Mauro Pane will be one to watch. He sterted the season late but immediately got on the pace and chased Folch home in both races at Imola, with Luxembourg's Nico Bindels (Lotus 87) taking a fine third in each of the Italian rounds. Motorsport’s governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), recognised this important championship nominating HFO as the only official FIA Historic Formula One Championship™ in 1994 when it was known as Thoroughbred Grand Prix. Since the accolade was granted, permission was also given to change the name to Historic Formula One and the Championship has gone from strength to strength. Over 50 drivers registered to become members of the Drivers’ Association over the last 2 years and starting grids average 25 cars.

Silverstone Historic Formula One Entry List

Class A - 1966-71 F1 Cars 1, John Delane (USA) - Tyrell 002 (1971) 47, Cenzig Artam (TR) - March 701 (1970) Class B - Post-1972 Non-Ground-Effect Cars 8, Abba Kogan (BR) - Williams FW06 (1978) 9, Peter Meyrick (GB) - March 761 (1978) 12, Andrew Beaumont (GB) - Lotus 76 (1974) 14, Michel Baudoin (F) - Hesketh 308E (1977) 22, James Hagan (GB) - Ensign N177 (1977) 23, Phillipe Bonny (FR) - Trojan T103 (1974) 26, Mauro Pane (I) - Lola T370 (1974) 37, Tommy Freelan (GB) - March 761 (1976) 48, Robs Lamplough (GB) - BRM P180 (1972) 38, Chris Perkins (GB) - Surtees TS16 (1974) 72, Giancarlo Casoli (I) - Ferrari 312T (1975) 82, Chris Drake (GB) - Pensake PC3 (1976) 99, Zak Brown (USA) - McLaren M26 (1977) Class C - Post-1972 Ground-Effect Cars 2, Bobby Verdon-Roe (GB) - McLaren MP4 (1981) 5, Chris Locke (GB) - Lotus 79 (1979) 6, Richard Eyre (GB) - Williams FW08 (1982) 7, Joaquin Folch (E) - Brabham BT49C (1981) 11, Dan Collins (GB) - Lotus91 (1982) 17, Nico Bindels (Lux) - Lotus 87B (1983) 18, Richard Meins (GB) - Williams FW07 (1980) 19, Simon Fish (GB) - Ensign N180 (1980) 24, John Wilson (GB) - Tyrrel 011 (1982) 25, Phil Hall (GB) - Arrows A3 (1981) 27, Bill Coombs (GB) - Tyrrel 009 (1979) 30, David Abbott (GB) - Arrows A4 (1982) 31, Steve Hartley (GB) - Arrows A4 (1982) 35, Steve Allen (GB) - Arrows A1 (1978) 67, Richard Dean (GB) - McLaren M28 (1978) Class D - Post 1972 Flat-Bottom Cars 3, Terry Sayles (GB) - Osella FA1-D (1982) 15, Patrick D'Aubreby (F) - Tyrrel 012 (1983) 34, Ian Simmonds (GB) - Tyrrel 012 (1983) Silverstone Historic Formula One Race Gallery - 7th July 2012.Tags: