Heat shrink tubing kit includes butane gas torch

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Heat shrink tubing kit includes butane gas torchHeat shrink tubing is the ideal way to repair and refurbish worn and cracked insulation of vehicle wiring or to insulate new wiring connections when adding accessories. This new kit from Laser Tools (part number 6076) includes a butane gas powered heat torch as well as a useful and generous selection of heat shrink tubing. It can be tempting to use a flame on heat shrink tubing, but this heat is uncontrolled and unless great care is taken the tubing can burn and become damaged. The butane powered gas torch in the kit provides a very soft, even heat that is ideal for heat shrink work. The heat shrink tubing supplied has a shrinkage ration of 2:1 and remains very flexible after shrinkage. A selection of tube sizes and colours is supplied from 1.5 millimetre diameter up to 15 millimetre. All you need for quick and professional repairs with everything required in one convenient box. Available now from your local Laser Tools supplier, typically priced at £30.46 (+ VAT), but remember to check for the best prices and special offers. More details from www.lasertools.co.uk