Fords From Pre-War To Young Classics On Display At The Footman James Classic Motor Show

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Footman James Classic Motor Show, Ford Escort,

All types of Fords are on display at the Footman James Classic Motor Show

From the most basic pre-war cars to modified fire-breathing 60s, 70s and 80s classics, all types of Ford are on display at the Footman James Classic Motor Show when it returns to Birmingham’s NEC from 12-14 November. Basic austerity motoring is represented by cars on the Ford Y and C Model Register as well as the Ford Sidevalve Owners Club. The Y and C Register is showing three cars – a 1935 CX model saloon, a 1937 Model Y four-door and a 1934 Jensen-bodied Tourer. Careful pricing meant Ford could offer the man in the street a basic yet stylish car that was reliable and cheap to run and both clubs will be showing examples of small Fords. So too is the Ford 100E Owners Club, which is showing a standard 1955 Prefect, two models that have appeared in Heartbeat and an oval racer.  Look out too for a convertible 105E Anglia on the Ford 105E Owners Club display. A short-lived Ford model was the Consul Classic and the Consul Capri, the latter offering American-style glamour but on a smaller scale: there’s a Classic and two Capris (including a rare GT) on the Ford Classic and Capri Owners Club stand.
1976 Mk2 Ford Capri 1

1976 Mk2 Ford Capri1

Also sporting American looks was the Corsair and the Corsair Owners’ Club is fielding a cabriolet, convertible and a range-topping 2000E.  But think ’60s and ‘70s Fords and Cortinas and Capris are among the most ‘popular’ models – and the Footman James Classic Motor Show is serving up models galore. On the Mk1 Cortina Owners Club you’ll find not only a very rare Fleet model but a DeLuxe, a modified example powered by a later Ford Zetec engine and a stretched, six-door model that’s definitely hard to miss! Later Cortinas are represented by the Ford Cortina Mark 11 and 1600E Owners Club (showing a Savage, a Lotus Cortina convertible and a 1600E that’s just out of a five-year restoration) and the Mark Three Cortina Owners’ Club, which is showing an Australian example alongside several pre- and post-facelift cars. Big Fords are represented by the Ford Mk3 Zephyr/Zodiac Owners’ Club and the Ford Granada Mk1 and Mk2 Drivers’ Guild. For performance Ford enthusiasts the AVO Owners’ Club is fielding two historic racing Mark One Mexicos and coming more up-to-date the Ford RS Owners’ Club is bringing three Cosworth Sieraas (including an RS500) and an Escort Cosworth, and not to be outdone the Racing Puma Owners’ Club has three examples of this limited edition model on display. There’s also a 30th anniversary celebration of the Fiesta Super Sport on the Fiesta Owners’ Club of Great Britain display (showing two models plus two XR2s). And for more power there’s both Old Skool Ford, which is bringing two drag-racing Mark One Escorts, and the XR4 Register, which is showing four examples of this Sierra, including a 500+bhp four-wheel drive model, a Sprintex 4x4 ex-police car, an XR8 and an early XR4i. Capri enthusiasts too are in for a treat, with Capri Club International (showing five examples ranging from a 1969 1600GT XLR through to a 1986 Injection Special), the Capri Mk1 Owners Club (showing three three-litres) and the Capri Mk1 Register (showing a V8 Perana model and a historic racing model), proving interest in ‘The Car You Always Promised Yourself’ has never been stronger. So whether you like your blue ovals small and sidevalve powered, or four-wheel drive and five-doored, or something inbetween, a trip to the NEC in November is a must. The Classic Motor Show is open from 10am until 7pm on Friday, 9.30am until 7pm on Saturday, and 9.30am until 5.30pm on Sunday. Ticket prices range from £17.50 when purchased in advance. For more information on the Classic Motor Show, visit For information on Footman James, visit,