Festical Of Speed 2017 – Too Much to See

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Bronwyn Burrell throws ‘Puff’ into the first corner of the stageEveryone keeps telling me ‘you must go up to the rally stage’ but being of a certain vintage, I must confess the climb deterred me, until now, and I wish I had done it before. The modified area offers viewing without having to scrabble through the woods and the ninety machines entertain all day; just avoid the dust. The first thing to catch the eye was the Eastern Bloc’s attempt to challenge the establishment and in fact Group B with the impressive Lada VFTS. The factory managed to eke 165bhp from a 1.6 SOHC motor but its time was short, being replace by a mid-engine Lada Samara which never competed as Group B was banned. Bronwyn Burrell was part of the all ladies team that competed in the London-Mexico rally in 1970, the Maxi known as ‘Puff the Magic Wagon’ was converted from a production line car. Tracked down by Bronwyn in 2009 it has been restored and both performed admirably at the Festival.

FOS Shoot Out

Everyone loves a Firenza especially when they installed a V8 from the CamaroStateside stadium racer from Cody Currie and Mad Mike Whiddett’s Mazda ensured camera operators learnt really quickly where not to stand. Proton from Malaysia launched their R5 rally car, the IRIZ at this year’s FOS to contest WRC2 and its pace was surprisingly quick with its Mitsubishi Evo engine down-sized to a 1.6. In 1978, Toyota invested in the 4 valve head but rally rules banned their use but the 2000GT was entered into that years RAC and the RA40 began its career but failed to make a massive impression; looks great today. As the weekend closes the ‘shoot outs’ take place, drivers in all categories chasing the fastest times for a fantastic finale to a great weekend of motoring memories. On the hill 2017 produced one of the most exciting ‘shoot-outs’ for years and Jaguar took victory with Justin Law in the XJR 12D.

2017 Hill Climb Results

  • Justin Law (J) Jaguar XJR12D - 46.13

  • Jeremy Smith (F) Penske-Chevrolet PC22 - 46.22

  • Mark Higgins (M) Subaru WRX STI - 48.25

  • Anthony Reid (J) Arrinera Hussarya GT3 - 48.28

  • Nick Heidfeld (F) Mahindra M4Electro - 48.59

  • Mike Skinner (L) Toyota Tundra - 49.02

  • Andrew Newall (I) McLaren-Chevrolet M8F - 49.41

  • Paul Dallenbach (F) Dallenbach PVA Special - 49.67

  • James Grint (M) Mitsubishi Mirage RX - 49.82

  • Charlie Eastwood (J) Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - 50.51

  • Pat Doran (M) Ford RS200 Evo 2 - 50.98

Toyota’s RA40 from the 2000GT, a lovely looking car that never made it big on dirt This Lada VFTS rally car saw action in Hungary before being restored in 2007 The off road section also included the go anywhere Ultra 4’s The 6R4 needed up grading and the final development was the 8R4 from1988 Proton launch their IRIZ R5 rally car at the 2017 FOS and it really impressed Mad Mike sprays the same photographers It’s not a crash happening, this depression is part of the course Everyone knows the rear of the Datsun 260Z, this one is from 1971 Cody Currie launched the Jeep Wrangler Prolite stadium racer around the rally stage Back on circuit with the Abarth 131Mirafiori with Alitalia sponsorshipTags: