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Sharing Classic Memories... a new series where we ask; Have you ever driven, owned or even been a passenger in the…

The Lancia Aprilia…

Owned by Stuart Tallack this 1937 Aprilia was one of the earliest builtMany enthusiasts believe the Aprilia to have been one of Vincenzo Lancia’s greatest creations, it would be first shown to the public just a few months after his death in 1937. At a time when most manufacturers were remaining loyal to the older fashion designs, the Aprilia offered a very aerodynamic shape coupled with a narrow V4 engine. This power-plant featured an aluminium mono-bloc with cast iron liners and an original capacity of 1352cc. The suspension offered all around independence, the rear though was rather unique with a fixed differential with two axle shafts swinging, with control arms at the end of two transverse torsion bars. The arms are supported by a leaf spring stretch horizontally under the assembly and looks as complicated as it sounds but offered a very stable and comfortable drive. Treated with scepticism at launch many believed the clever innovations and stream line design too extreme but the Aprilia overcame the doubters. Very popular within the pre and post war motor sport circles the 47bhp engine could reach nearly 80mph with 52mph achievable in third gear. This performance meant the Lancia could compete and win in higher classes, as its popularity increased several variants were offered including a long wheel based version, this continued until 1949. Although over 27k Aprilia’s were produced they were and still are a rare sight on our roads, so if you have enjoyed such a machine let other readers share your memories.

Willam Fourgonnette C2

It’s a micro-carvan from FranceItaly the anyone can drive; slowlyTake French-Italian collaboration using a Lambretta 2 stroke motor then design a car for people without driving licences to enjoy; you end up with a Willam. In Italy the vehicle went under the company name of Lawil but its main market was in France where it proved popular. Ideal transport for a small business that could trust a testosterone filled 16 year old to deliver their goods without causing mayhem. M H Willam, Head of Lambretta in France re-badged the Lawil machines and took full advantage of the Permis A1 code allowing young teenagers, OAPs and disqualified drivers transport. The range became extensive from the late 1960s and the C2 version was evidently still available two decades later. The 5.6hp single cylinder of 125cc powered most of the marque but a 60cc version was available in a three wheeled version known as ‘La Sulky’. Other options included The Triporteur, very much in line with the ‘Tuck Tuck’, although not as stylish; The City a tiny pick up and The Frog which defies description as well as several others. The version in the image is a 1968 vintage at Ardingly Show in 2014 and there are several located in the UK so I am hopeful a reader can offer their experience in a Willam or Lawil.