Classic Car Lenders

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Owning a classic car is more than just claiming a vehicle meant for transport. They are a way of life, a passion, a hobby, and for some people, a good investment that will pay off in the years to come. We all know that classic cars have great value, which is why many people decide to tune them up and sell them for a high price.

But, we are classic car lovers, so we don’t even think of selling them. We are interested in buying them and taking full care of them so that they can serve us and the generations to come. Even though the idea of owning a car like this is amazing, many people don’t have the money at a certain moment to purchase them, which is why they turn their attention to lenders.

Even though banks were the primary lenders, many people were left frustrated because their approval rates are not that great. The displease led to the invention and rise of online lenders. These companies have far greater approval rates and the standard approval period is far better than the one of the banks.

Special classic car lenders are also available, but there are some general things that everyone needs to consider before applying for a loan. The amount, the lender itself, credit score, type of loan, interest rates, etc. are just a few to mention. If you are thinking of applying for an auto loan, you need to be aware of these facts.

We know that it can be hard to find a credible source these days, which is why we did a research of our own and decided to help you out. Best Auto Loans is one of the most reputable sites when it comes to auto loans, and they contain all the information that you need to know before applying for an auto loan.

Classic Car Loans

Classic cars are the perfect example of making time stop and as we mentioned before, they carry a higher price tag. Although there are many general auto loans, you will find it quite interesting that when it comes to classic car loans, there are not many to choose from.

The process of applying and being accepted for a classic car loan is a bit more difficult than the standard car loans, which is why you need to do good research and get familiar with all the details surrounding this type of loan.

There are a few differences between classic car loans and standard car loans and you should know about them. That is why we found a very helpful article which will explain everything you need to know. Feel free to read about classic car financing on

Since finding a classic car lender can be a hassle, we decided to give you our 3 top picks and try to save you some time. Let’s check them out.

Collector Car Lending

As a company that specializes in classic car loans, Collector Car Lending also deserves a spot on our list. No pre-payment penalties, competitive rates, and fast response time are among the best features that this lender provides.

Collector Car Lending allows customers to get terms of up to 144 months and their rates start at 6.2%. All you have to do is consider some factors before getting a car. After that, the only thing left is to contact them.

Car Finance 2U

Car Finance 2U is among the best British online auto lenders. They are also among the best companies when it comes to classic car loans. They have great interest rates, are easy to deal with, and provide the customers with fast payments. Many customers have described Car Finance 2U is a very customer-orientated lender who can find a good deal, regardless of the situation.

So, if you are looking to get yourself a classic car on UK soil, this lender is the perfect choice for you. Because British people love classics, having a UK-based lender on this list comes as no surprise.


Finally, we have one of the most reputable online lenders. What makes Sofi stand out in the crowd is their flexible payment system which is designed to suit the needs of all customers. Their rates lower than most of the competitors and have no hidden or added fees to their services. Many experts have ranked this lender at the very top when it comes to classic car loans, and loans in general.