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Corvette StingrayHere at Classic car we enjoy watching the classic market and think it’s time to detail some of the vehicles you can purchase right now. We also want open our sales room to readers; offering you the option of advertising your classic by producing a small write up and pictures. Its free to all and contact can be made through our web site or facebook page where we can advise on the transfer of pictures and copy. Trade & private sales welcome.

Today we bring you the awesome Chevrolet Corvette Stingray for sale at:

West Sussex Specialist Cars, Heath End, Petworth. GU28 0JG
Office: 01798 344446 / Mobile: 07825 417224
Year: 1971
Mileage: 7117 (Showing)
MOT: 12 months
Price: £34,950

Chevrolet Corvette StingrayNot many cars symbolise a nation like the Chevy Corvette; the C3 model ran for 14 years from the ‘swinging 60s to the ‘yuppies’ witnessing a time of great change stateside. 1971 saw the beginning of a gradual withdrawal of American forces from Vietnam and conflict at home spread to a dual between the unions and General Motors. At the same time US car manufacturers were being forced to provide cleaner emissions by detuning their V8s to accept lower octane fuels. This prompted a loss of 70bhp and the 5.7 litre V8 would now offer 270bhp with 360ft lbs torque and a small plaque fitted just behind the ‘four on the floor’ reminded you. The Chevrolet plant in St Louis had enough problems to solve without updates, so luckily the ‘71’ model remained largely unchanged from the previous year and sales continued to rise. The chrome bumpers remained as they would the following year but by 1973 the production workers were fitting colour coded plastic versions. The model term ‘Sting Ray’ (two words) was first used with the C2 model from 1963-67 but became a single word ‘Stingray’ for the C3 between 1969-76. Of 21,800 built in 1971 just over 7k were convertible with four power options and the choice of ‘stick-shift’ or auto, this actual car cost $5259 or half a year’s salary for your average ‘blue collar’ worker.

Ocean Crossing Stingray

1971 Chevrolet Corvette StingrayThe offer to view WSSC’s Corvette was grasped with both hands and the cars history file made for interesting reading. Arriving in 1992 its first MOT confirmed a mileage of 206; consensus of opinion is that post US restoration and prior to shipping the gauge was reset to zero. Every test certificate since confirms the current 7,117 displayed and receipts from the 90’s show parts were being shipped from US companies to Dudley in the Midlands. The Stingray has changed hands 4 times whilst in the UK and arrived at this Sussex dealer in great order but not perfect; a full respray was carried out recently and the fibreglass body now gleams. As classic enthusiasts are aware, achieving the perfect finish when applied to fibreglass is a challenge but after a full inspection I must concur this 46-year-old body is blemish free. The all black interior is in good order with minimal wear to carpeting and trims, the driver’s seat back rest mount would benefit from a tighten but that was my only criticism; not just of the interior but the car itself. The instruments are typical 70’s but all work correctly and offer information on fuel, water, oil and battery plus the time. The windows are manual and the pop up lights are vacuum operated and worked perfectly but I was unable to test the factory in car entertainment as no one had a cassette to hand. Those who require large carrying capacity may need to think twice with this Corvette, the space behind the seats will normally be taken up by the brand new soft top. This folds neatly away and although it’s a two-person operation it is certainly worth the effort, both visually and for the driving experience, the open air suits the Stingray. Under the hood the iron block of 350cubic inches looks clean but could be a real feature with some time and polishing cloths whilst the black finish of the engine bay is standard and not an afterthought. This Stingray is stock, minus any modifications from the gear knob to the Rallye style steel wheels clothed in 15in Hercules rubber. The tailpipes run through a rectangular outlet at the rear, a change introduced in 1970 and the 71 car was fitted with amber park lights. Visually stunning and detail correct my next task was starting the L48 small block trying not to flood it via the four barrel Rochester carb.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray interiorThe Best Road Test

Destined to stall the ‘Vette’ I allowed the temperatures to rise before engaging first, the clutch is firm as you would expect, although certainly not heavy. Left hand drive always takes a few minutes of concentration to master, however the task is eased by the heavily assisted steering making light work of slow speed manoeuvres. Once on the move the gear change is slick and precise, taking just moments to perfect and as the confidence builds so does the acceleration. The phrase ‘pulls like a train’ is most apt, its 270bhp proving sufficient for UK roads, as the revs rise a crescendo of mechanical power fills your senses; this Corvette lives up to the brands reputation. The brakes are powerful with discs all round and whilst this American is no Italian when it comes to the twisties it feels surefooted and minus the huge body roll many of its countryman possess. Conclusion, this stylish cruiser offers comfort with character, its motor warns villagers of your arrival causing folk to acknowledge as you pass, their necks craning to admire one Chevrolet with a sting in its tail.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray engine Technical Specification;

  • Engine: 5737cc
  • Power: 270bhp@4800
  • Top Speed: 115mph
  • 0-60mph: 6.8 seconds
  • Economy: 15mpg
  • Gearbox: Four speed manual