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Life of the Automobile

Life of the Automobile

If you have yet to use those Yule Tide credits I can only suggest a great book by Steven Parissien; The Life of the Automobile, a new history of the motor car. A very long title yes, but worthy certainly, a fascinating trip through time from the very dawn of motoring. Written in a very relaxed style the author covers virtually every aspect of motor manufacture from the early pioneers to the current multinationals and the race to provide Eco friendly machines. The early years are just riveting with so many interesting facts about the personalities and their fledgling car companies both at home and abroad. Parissien spares no punches and his accounts of Henry Ford’s difficult personality and William Durant’s (GM) thirst for power lead you through the First World War and onto the depression of the late 20s. The big companies consuming the smaller ones at a bank breaking rate until only a few remained, General Motors being the guiltiest party although none were blameless. Who cozied up to the Nazi’s before and during WW2? Two of the major French manufactures along with several American and British household names are brought to book in a style of writing that is easy to read but detailed and informative. Insight into the lives of such famous names as Louis Chevrolet, William Morris and Walter Chrysler, their personalities and failings examined. Every manufacturer from Stutz and Lanchester to Rolls Royce, no one is missed out. No doubt years of research have gone into this 438 page hard back, a brilliant read published by Atlantic Books.
  • ISBN 9781848877054
  • £25.00