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What's the Difference Between Engine Paint and Car Paint?

A little splash of fresh paint can transform your driving experience into something more uniquely you and give your ride the shine you’ve always known it deserves. For some hot rods, the engine serves as the focal point for the entire car, meaning that in order to get the best overall results style-wise, this element needs a splash of color as well. However, this part will require a different sort of paint than the rest of the aftermarket parts on your ride. The paint you’ll need to paint your engine is different from run-of-the-mill car paint in a couple of crucial ways.

Handling the Heat

The average car paint has a melting point of around 230 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s great for the surface of your car, which even in the hottest part of summer, won’t heat up much beyond that point. Your engine and other parts under the hood, however, can easily reach 200 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit just during normal operations, which would easily destroy car paint. This is why engine paint is ideally rated for safe use up to 500 degrees, allowing you more than just a little wiggle room in terms of melting points and performance. These paints can be a bit more expensive, but taking along some online coupons on auto parts can help mitigate the cost so you don’t need to break the bank.

Durability Enam

el paint is the choice for many when it comes to painting engines simply because, aside from high-heat tolerance, this type of paint offers superior durability compared to other options. The easy-to-apply paint can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on in many cases and keeps your engine looking better, longer by:
  • Resisting chipping
  • Showing less flaking
  • Retaining glossiness longer
While some car paints are designed to withstand the elements, they aren’t designed to handle the pressure and heat under the hood. Normal car pains would crack, melt, flack and become dull under these circumstances, while engine paint is designed to handle the challenges of moving parts with ease.

In the end, painting your ride properly is all about getting the right product for the right job. Head to the best auto parts store in your area and get the perfect car and engine paints today to give your ride the new look you’ve been dreaming of.