10 cars that depreciate slowly in Australia

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Buying a new car is really exciting – although it’s a bit disillusioning when you figure out just how much they depreciate and how quickly this can happen. Aiming for a car that depreciates slowly is really worthwhile – especially if you’re considering reselling it at some point in the future. Generally, new cars depreciate by around 19% in the first year on the road- a pretty significant drop. Don’t panic though – we’ve rounded up 10 cars that depreciate slowly in Australia just for you!
  • Mazda 3: this is a really popular model in Australia and it’s depreciation rate after 3 years is usually no more than 39%. It has some great features and some high tech options available although unfortunately these don’t retain their value so don’t rely on them for resale appeal.
  • Toyota Corolla: with a depreciation rate of as low as 27% after 3 years, this model is known for its reliability. It has placed itself as one of the best selling cars globally and Australians love it – meaning second hand models get snapped up fast.
  • Subaru Forester: generally, the depreciation rates after 3 years are barely over 30% for a Subarau Forester which is a popular model for younger drivers. It has an excellent safety record and is an extremely easy car to resell for a high percentage of its original price.
  • Honda CRV: the recent growth in popularity of SUVs means that Honda CR-V is enjoying a wide fan base in Australia, from families to young professionals alike. Its depreciation after 3 years rarely exceeds 40%.
  • Toyota Landcruiser: depreciation rates after 3 years can be as low as 26% for this four wheel drive, giving it great resale potential. It has a great reputation for those wanting a strong off road vehicle and retains its value much better than many of its competitors.
  • Volkswagen Polo: this is a fuel efficient vehicle which is popular with people wanting a city run around or those who are relatively new to the road. It’s depreciation after three years generally averages at around 40% although this could depend on the price of fuel.
  • Honda Jazz: another really popular model from a well known manufacturer. It can often fetch up to 75% of its original price after 3 years despite the often criticized interior features which many think are plastic heavy.
  • Porsche Cayenne: luxury cars often aren’t renowned for their slow depreciation rates but the Cayenne has been found to have a slower than average rate (often only 26% after 3 years). With luxury features and a smooth drive it’s ever popular with those wanting the best.
  • Hyundai i30: this affordable model has an excellent safety record as well as great fuel efficiency and high quality build. It’s no wonder that it depreciates slowly then and can get up to 60% of its original value at resale.
  • Mazda 2: another Mazda makes the top 10. The Mazda 2 is incredibly cheap to run and has an impressively low fuel consumption which helps to keep its depreciation rate extremely low after a 3 year period.