What Drives the British? DVD

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What Drives the British DVDIt is a question posed many times; just why do the British have such a passion for engine-powered machines? Legendary television presenter Denis Norden sets out to answer the age-old question in the delightfully light-hearted programme “What Drives the British?” new to DVD from Duke. The film comes from the extensive BP Video Library, a treasure trove of motorsport and motoring gems. Made in 1974, to celebrate 75 years of Castrol Oil’s contribution to the world of motoring, What Drives the British? will amuse, delight and inform. As the It’ll Be Alright on the Night presenter puts it, the mission is to explore the British love affair with all things which run on wheels, wings and water, and Denis certainly succeeds, meeting famous names and enthusiasts, visiting priceless car and aeroplane collections and treating us to a mouth watering array of classic clips, from record attempts in the 1930s to drag racing in the 1970s! Astride his trusty BSA bicycle, Denis sets off to explore the British passion for speed, meeting World Champions, record-breakers and the ‘nutty’ folk who are driven by an obsession with all things automotive. Denis talks to land speed legend Captain George Eyston, record-breaking pilot Jean Batten, Drag Racing Champion Clive Skilton, six-times Motorcycle World Champion Geoff Duke and Leo Villa, a mechanic for both Malcolm and Donald Campbell in their quests for higher and higher speeds on land and water. Renowned car collector George Milligen and production saloon car racer Wendy Markey offer their views, while Denis also makes an enlightening trip to an autojumble! The insight offered by these experts is fascinating, as is the wonderful vintage footage of Thunderbolt and Bluebird in action, Geoff Duke racing and Jean Batten celebrating another of her record-breaking solo flights. It’s also a very revealing look at attitudes towards women in motorsport in the 1970s! And what of the British passion for motors and motoring? As Denis says, it may be nutty, but, it is ‘a nice kind of nuttiness’. Just 38 minutes running time and costs £10.99. A nostalgic look at footage from the 1970's but the audience for this DVD is very limited but not enough racing footage to get us excited!Tags: