VW Scirocco history

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VW SciroccoThe Scirocco was launched in the UK in 1974. Named after the North African desert wind, designed by Giugiaro and assembled by Osnabrück-based Karmann, the Scirocco represented a new departure for Volkswagen. It was a high-perfomance, front-wheel-drive, four-seater sports coupé, with a front-mounted, transverse-mounted, water-cooled engine. It was available at launch with 1500 cc 70 or 80 bhp engines. A special edition, the Storm, joined the range between 1978 and 1979. A new model was launched in 1981, giving a new look as well as more space for passengers and luggage. Four engines were available, including a top-of-the-range 110 bhp GTI model. In 1993, the last – out of a total 77,460 – Scirocco was sold in the UK. Tags: