U2TC Pre-66 Under Two-Litre Touring Cars (2013 Donington Historic Festival)

Across the UK and Europe, racing for period Touring Cars is massively popular and one of the best and most competitive series is the U2TC, for under two-litre touring cars. The 2013 season started at the Donington Historic Festival on Friday morning with qualifying. Developed by Carol Spagg of Historic Motor Racing news, the U2TC series is, as it says, for cars with an engine size under two litres, in a genre where the American V8s tend to dominate. The U2TC allows the Lotus Cortinas, BMWs, and Alfa Romeos to battle for overall victory. The result is packed grids and tremendous competition all through the hour long, two-driver races, and when it rains, the Mini Coopers get right up there as well to add to a great spectacle.