Brands Hatch Masters – The True Masters of Excitement

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Larani Trophy - Jonathan Hughes in a Brabham BT6 Gravel trap, went on to finish 2nd

Larani Trophy – Jonathan Hughes in a Brabham BT6 Gravel trap, went on to finish 2nd

Whilst yesterday at the Brands Hatch Masters took a while to get going today took off like a rocket and the class of 2013 put on a fantastic show with great racing and the weather played its part. The Pre 66 Touring cars were first up with qualifying on the GP circuit whilst yesterday it was restricted to the Indy. The under and over 2 litre machines were put together and they attempt to be the start performers the prize that the under 2 litre grid took yesterday. Pole went to Leo Voyazides in a Ford Falcon with Henry Mann (more of later) was partnered by Andrew Reid in a Ford Mustang, then the Cox and Faulkner combination also in a Falcon. The McInernery’s were the first of the under 2 litres in their Lotus Cortina in 5th.

70s celebration - Di Montelera in a Porsche 935 pole setter top of paddock

70s celebration – Di Montelera in a Porsche 935 pole setter top of paddock

The 70’s Celebration and Historic Touring Cars qualified next with the Kramer Porsche 935 of Di Montelera on pole sharing the front row with the no3 Cologne Capri of Young and Ward. The 3rd round of the Lurani Trophy for Formula Junior machines the type driven by such greats as Jim Clarke and John Surtees in their day, attracting entrants and cars from all over the world and a grid of 31. The Front row would be occupied by 2 Brits with David Methley and Jonathon Hughes (more of him later also) both in Brabham BT6 machines.

Then the big one the first time the expectant crowd could enjoy the Masters Historic Formula 1 cars as they qualified for their afternoon race. Many 1970’s  and 80’s Grand Prix moments were recreated on the magnificent Brands circuit and the cars ran unrestricted a full symphony from the Cosworth DFV left everyone wincing as the cars screamed passed.

Michael Lyons Williams FW07

Michael Lyons Williams FW07

Micheal Lyons put the Williams FW07 on pole with the Ensign N180 of Simon Fish joining him on the front row and the top six cars all averaged over 100mph laps. The final qualifying for today was the Historic Grand Prix cars from the 50’s and 60’s more of them tomorrow. The Lurani Trophy was the first race after lunch and it was excellent with a Jonathon Hughes in a Brabham BT6 launching himself into the gravel trap at Surtess right in front of my camera, he somehow managed to keep the momentum and did very well to achieve 2nd place behind David Methley also in a BT6. The Formula 1 race became a two parter with the safety car on track for a while. The restart behind the safety car resembled the race start with Michael Lyons taking and extending his lead in the Williams FW07;  Simon Fish 2nd in the Ensign and Ian Simmonds in the Tyrrell 012 a great 3rd.

The combined pre 66 Touring cars put on a great performance for the race of the day award. Ford Mustang no6 driven very well at the start by Henry Mann was 2nd when it found my gravel trap in a big way. Again he did very well to keep the car going through and after brushing the tyre wall got back into the fight. The fight took a turn on the driver change; the dominant Ford Falcons were caught and passed by a very determined

Voyazides and Hadfield Ford Falcon

Voyazides and Hadfield Ford Falcon

Anthony Reid in the lightly damaged Mustang giving them the win. The Faulkner/cox Falcon 2nd and the Voyazides/Hadfield Falcon 3rd. The final treat for me today was loving every minute of the Qualifying session and first time out this weekend for the Historic Sports cars from the 60’s and 70’s. These cars for me have all the looks and noise of the F1 cars with the most amazing designs, beauty and power, my real treat for tomorrow.

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