The Classic Tyre Dilemma……..

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Mini Cooper S 1968 Monte Carlo Rally Driver Timo MakinenAs many of you will already know, Vintage Tyres was set up 50 years ago to maintain supply and reintroduce tyres for older or specialist cars and motorcycles of all types, and regularly work with all the major manufacturers to bring back tyres long since discontinued. This is never an easy task, and the process often has to start right at the beginning with the creation of a new tyre mould. As you can imagine this is not a quick or cheap endeavour, and Vintage Tyres therefore have to use a bit of judgement and consult with classic car clubs and motorists to try and ensure that there is sufficient demand for a tyre to be reintroduced. The crucial decision-making point has been reached right now with the 145R10 Dunlop SP44 “Weathermaster”. This classic aggressive pattern tyre was the original rally fitment for Mini Coopers, OE on many Mokes and fulfils the need for a 10” diameter “mud and snow” and rally tyre. Providing that there is sufficient demand, Vintage Tyres will now fund a mould in order to produce the 145R10 SP44 in two compounds (for both road and competition use). If they do go ahead it will be a very limited batch, and may not be repeated. The retail price would be £132 +VAT per tyre. What is now needed is enough interest for the green light to be given to the project. All interested parties are asked to send a deposit of £10 per tyre to Vintage Tyres before the end of August 2012. If sufficient orders are received the tyres will be made during this winter and yours will be secured at the front of the queue. If not, unfortunately the project will have to be mothballed, and all deposits will be returned. So the time is now to put your money where your mouth is! If you have been clamouring to have the 145R10 Dunlop SP44 reintroduced, get in contact with Vintage Tyres by visiting or by calling 01590 612 261 and help ensure another bit of motoring history is kept alive!Tags: