Tested: Laser Tools Ratchet Crimping Tool (Part Number 6484)

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Laser Tools Ratchet Crimping Tool The timing could not have been better, with two major restorations underway and both vehicles blessed with 40 year old wiring; we took our chance to test Laser’s new Ratchet Crimper. What does it promise? Attach all your electrical connectors correctly, never over tightened or causing damage to the wiring or connection. Supplied in a smart moulded case is your steel framed ratchet crimping tool and 5 separate automotive Dies, all far too complicated for me but luckily the test dummy would be my pal Alan; a serious engineer who appreciates quality tools. The Dies are quickly interchangeable, slotting easily onto the crimper dependant on the type of connecter you require attached. The selection offers a Die for insulated heat shrink butt connector (0.5 – 10mm). Die for insulated quick-disconnect connector (0.5 – 6mm). Die for miniature insulated connector (0.1 – 1.5mm). Die for insulated 90º flag connector (0.5 – 2.5mm). Die for closed end insulated connector (0.5 – 6mm). All sounds very confusing but during the test we only required two of the five and changing a large section of motorbike loom was comfortable with a pleasant ratchet operation and soft grip handles. Laser Tools Ratchet Crimping Tool This tool maybe essential for the professional but will ‘Fred in his shed’ need such a thing? Having survived with a single manual version for years we found after just a few minutes use there would be no going back, never bending or over tightening the connector the results speak for themselves. We are planning to replace every green, crusty or insecure connector on both our projects forcing the purchase of hundreds of various colours and types. After a day working on the loom of a 1970s Japanese off road motorbike our tool proved its worth. Laser’s ratchet crimper is not a cheap option, the internet is full of those but how long do the budget copies survive? The Official Partner and tool supplier to Aston Martin Racing produce quality and long lasting products, so looked after this investment should last for decades. Alan Says: The professional view ‘Laser’s Ratchet Crimper makes light work of replacing any electrical connections, it’s ideal for the larger project and offered perfect results every time during the test. Whilst it is not an essential piece of equipment, you could make do with the old manual version but once you have tried this you will not want to’. Laser Tools Tool Connection Ltd, Kineton Road, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 0DR Check out the Laser range at www.lasertools.co.uk For more details on the Professional five-in-one ratchet crimping tool www.lasertools.co.uk/product/6484 Grant Ford for Classiccarmag.net (www.grantford.co.uk)