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Sprinting Events Dates and Locations

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Spotlight on SprintingSprinting and Hillclimbs come under the banner of Speed Events, several Championships run at various circuits/locations thoughout the country during the year. Most have easy access for those who want to watch a days motorsport for very little or no charge; organisers and drivers are available to discuss their cars and the reasons they enjoy being part of this sport. Several Championships are instigating the ‘Sprint Buddy’ idea to help guide new drivers through their first few rounds, or until the time is right to go it alone.

If you would like to get involved the first step is to attend a local event and talk to people around the paddock; They don’t bite! In fact this type of Motorsport is just about as friendly as you can get. You will need to work out the class you and your chosen machine would be best entering. The cost of car preparation and requirements of safety equipment, tyre types and engine modifications will be different in various classes. Race Licence requirements also vary depending on class chosen, my advice don’t sit down with the rule book straight away, go to an event and talk to the people who know and want to help you get out there.  The Championships ask local clubs to organise the day, so you will need to join your local Motor Club and they will help you select the Championship best suited to you and distances you want to travel to take part. Below is a list of Championships that have approached  offering help and advice to any prospective Sprinter.

Association of South Eastern Motor Clubs 

ASEMC Speed Championship

Date              Location                                        Local Club

08.06.2013   Lydden Hill / Kent                        SEMSEC

08.06.2013   Goodwood / Sussex                    Tunbridge Wells MC

06.07.2013   Lydden Hill / Kent                        SEMSEC

04.08.2013   Hethel / Norfolk                           Borough 19

10.08.2013   Curborough / Staffordshire       BARC Midlands

01.09.2013   North Weald / Hertfordshire    Sevenoaks & DMC

15.09.2013   Brands Hatch / Kent                   SEMSEC

29.09.2013   North Weald / Hertfordshire    Harrow CC/ Green Belt MC

05.10.2013   Curborough / Staffordshire       BARC Midlands

06.10.2013   Debden / Essex                           Herts County

19.10.2013   Lydden / Kent                              Rochester MC

Association of Eastern Motor Clubs


08.06.2013   Abingdon / Oxfordshire            Abingdon Motorsport/Car-nival Sprint

10.08.2013   Curborough / Staffordshire      BARC

05.10.2013   Curborough / Staffordshire      BARC

02.11.2013   Mallory Park / Leicestershire   BARC

SBD Motorsport Speed Championship

22.06.2013   Castle Combe / Wiltshire        Bristol MC

27.07.2013   Llandow / South Wales             BARC Wales

04.08.2013    Hethel / Norfolk                        Borough 19

10.08.2013    Curborough / Staffordshire     BARC Midlands

25.08.2013    Harewood / Yorkshire              BARC Yorkshire / Hill Climb

07.09.2013    Aintree / Merseyside               Liverpool MC

21.09.2013    Shelsey Walsh/ Worcs             MAC / Hill climb

05.10.2013    Curborough / Staffordshire    BARC Midlands

02.11.2013    Mallory Park / Leicestershire BARC Midlands

These are dates for Championships that have asked classic car mag to help promote the sport, if any other Clubs or organisations would like to have any dates and events included please contact us. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas email us at