Roger Albert Clark Rally Support Events Unveiled

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email170914Details of the support rallies to the 2014 Roger Albert Clark Rally (28-30 November) have been announced and will offer fantastic cost-effective forest rallying with entry fees from as low as £7.84 per mile.
The two support rallies both offer competitors a chance to be part of what many people regard as the best rally of the season, as well as the opportunity to tackle classic and little-used stages in the Kielder complex. Both events are open to two-wheel drive cars of any age.
The Peregrine Print Rally will start in Sunderland and cover 53 stage miles on Saturday, while the Clubman’s Rally will be based in central Kielder and cover 49 stage miles on Sunday. With a £100 discount for crews entering both rallies, the overall package offers 102 forest stage miles for £800.
“I’m keen to see crews from the region come and join us to sample the flavour and atmosphere of the Roger Albert Clark Rally,” said Rally Manager Colin Heppenstall. “I have tried to make the support rallies as user friendly as possible with compact routes and very attractive entry fees.”
The support events for the 2014 Roger Albert Clark Rally are:
The Peregrine Print Rally 53 stage miles; entry free £450 (cost per mile £8.49)
Starting from Sunderland at mid-day on Saturday (29 November), the Peregrine Print Rally will take in seven stages in the Kielder complex including Shepherdshield, Kershope and Ash Park. The rally will finish at RJ Murrays near Carlisle on Saturday evening after 53 stage miles, including a significant competitive mileage in the dark. The event will be limited to 30 entries taken in order of receipt.
The Clubman’s Rally 49 stage miles; entry fee £450 (cost per mile £9.18)
Based at the heart of the Kielder complex, the Clubman’s Rally runs through Sunday (30 November) over stages in Ogre Hill, Redesdale and Falstone. The start, service and finish will all be based in central Kielder, ensuring a very compact route with low road mileage. The event will start at 10.45am following morning scrutineering and will finish from 4.30pm. The event will be limited to 20 entries taken in order of receipt.
The package deal
If crews enter both the Peregrine Print Rally and the Clubman’s Rally at the same time, they will receive a £100 discount. The package offer will provide 102 stage miles for £800, giving a cost of £7.84 per mile. This is believed to be the cheapest rate for forestry mileage in the UK in 2014. 
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