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Vauxhall Launches Limited Edition Book, ‘Vauxhall And I’
 Vauxhall Cresta

The Queen in her Vauxhall Cresta

Britons have always had an undeniable attachment to their cars, at the heart of all personal journeys they act as an icon of each person’s individuality – a physical representation of past adventures, rebellion, liberation, social opinions, cultural choices and much loved memories. In celebration of this and the 110th anniversary of Vauxhall Motors the British car brand has launched a limited edition book and microsite titled, Vauxhall and I; a broad compilation of personal stories, anecdotes and unique photographs telling the memories and relationships people have with their cars. Former editor of ‘The Face’ Richard Benson compiled the book, scouring through the extensive Vauxhall archives at their headquarters in Luton for over a year, studying the historical records of the company's factories, dealers and the owners of its cars. "We wanted to look at the relationship people had with their cars, rather than at the technical details.” Benson comments. “We learned that British people have an emotional relationship with their vehicles that was much bigger than expected. Many referred to cars as members of their family, and saw them being intimately bound up with certain periods in their lives. There is no doubt that Vauxhall has played a significant part in British culture for more than a century now."
The Queen with Prince Andrew in Windsor Great Park 1968

The Queen with Prince Andrew in Windsor Great Park 1968

Through personal stories the book celebrates the people who have loved and driven the cars since 1903, including Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Bob Marley and the British public. Also included is a range of rare interviews and information from deep within the Vauxhall archives. The book features exclusive conversations with celebrities on their fond memories of the brand, including first cars. “I saw this 1953 Vauxhall Wyvern advertised in the paper,” says Midge Ure, “I went to see it in some old boy’s garage in Glasgow with my dad, who told me not to buy it because it was an ancient old thing. But I just loved it – I thought it was the most fantastic looking thing.” For 110 years, the automobile company has played an integral part in British popular and contemporary culture. For example, Vauxhall has supplied the monarchy with a new car every year. Vauxhall & I includes a rare picture of Queen Elizabeth II behind the wheel of a ‘Balmoral Green’ Cresta PA. The book also captures escapades from 1992 when the queens of the catwalk, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista jealously tried to destroy the new model Corsa for an advert which received the most views in UK television that year. Duncan Aldred, Chairman & Managing Director of Vauxhall Motors commented, “This book is not a testament to Vauxhall’s cars but to the way in which they have touched people’s lives. It tells the stories of Vauxhall cars in the words of real people who have loved and driven them – from the earliest days of the company through to the current day.” Everyone can share their stories through a dedicated platform at www.vauxhallandi.co.uk. A limited amount of copies will be available through Vauxhall’s Facebook www.facebook.com/vauxhall.
Vauxhall 12

Alan William's brothers Norman and David with the Vauxhall 12