Nothing Runs! – Hilarious Misadventures in the Classic, Collectable & Exotic Car Biz

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Nothing Runs!Many different stories, each involving a great automobile (or automobiles) and the trouble the vehicle(s) caused for the author, a self-described ‘gearhead' who tried to turn his passion into a business, and failed — miserably! Possessing far more cajones than skill, he has driven everything from bathtubs with wheels to some of the most advanced road-going machinery on the planet. Although it's his dream is to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, reality dictates that any car owner who may let him drive is a complete fool! This unique, hilarious book proves wholeheartedly that just because someone knows about cars doesn't mean they should start trying to buy and sell them for profit ... Features
  • • Everyone the world over loves automobiles!
  • • Everyone has great ‘car stories’, but these are truly insane!
  • • Incredible automobiles in crazy situations
  • • Automobile enthusiasts do not always make astute automotive investments
  • • Funny car stories are appealing to every nationality
  • • Better to read someone else’s car mistakes than make them yourself
  • • This is why some hobbies should remain hobbies
  • Proof that big money + little skill = disaster
  • Easily the most unique automobile book ever written
  • You’ll forget all your troubles when you read about mine!
Description Wild and completely true stories involving some of the most extraordinary cars ever built, and a hobbyist who got in way over his head. By Adam Slutsky Paperback • 21x14.8cm • 144 pages ISBN: 978-1-845843-44-1 Not Yet In Print - This product is currently not yet in print and available as en ebook only. £ 8.99 available from The Review Light-hearted and easy-to-read tales of a US classic car salesman, dealing in the exotica of exotic cars, mostly for personal loss! Good read and value.