New EBook – Classic Car Electrics – Enthusiasts Restoration Manual

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Classic Car Electrics – Enthusiast’s RestorationAlthough classic car electrical systems are notoriously idiosyncratic, temperamental and difficult to work with, a key to keeping an older vehicle on the road is correct and regular maintenance of the electrics. This book contains extensive, well-illustrated information for the classic enthusiast who wishes to service, repair or upgrade their car. The combination of the basics of how and why things work, all in plain language, along with extensive colour photos and diagrams means that, with a reasonable tool kit, a little common sense and this book, the owner should be able to tackle pretty much any electrical fault in any classic car as well as maintenance. Definitely a must have for anyone who owns, or plans to own a classic.

Classic Car Electrics by Martin Thaddeus ISBN: 9781845848514 Print equivalent ISBN: 9781903706640 EBOOK AVAILABLE NOW! £14.99 – prices may vary between vendors BULLET POINTS

  • Goes back to basics in terms anyone can follow
  • Covers the subject in depth , without getting too technical
  • Useful for the enthusiast who is not familiar with electrics
  • The only book you need
  • Covers simple servicing to serious fault finding
  • Keeps your classic on the road and in peak running order
  • Covers all models from the 30s to the 90s
  • Tips and hints on fault finding and servicing
  • Save money, do it yourself servicing and repair
  • Clear language and photos throughout