NCWC Inc.: What an Extended Auto Service Warranty Can Do for You

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One of the main benefits that you can get from an auto service warranty is the peace of mind and assurance that costs will be covered in the event that your vehicle needs a repair. NCWC Inc. is a prominent car service plan provider that offers various types of coverage in order to suit your needs and budget.

Protect Your Investment

For a lot of people, their car is their more prized possession. If you rely primarily on your car for transportation, you would want to feel the security that if ever your car would need a major unexpected repair, it will be covered by an extended auto service warranty.  Knowing that unexpected car repair costs would not put a dent in your monthly budget can provide you with great comfort.

Dependability on a Budget

As mentioned earlier, NCWC Inc. offers a variety of car service plans. These plans vary in terms of the coverage as well as the price. For instance, there’s the Select plan, which is comprehensive and full-coverage. It covers almost any repair that your vehicle could have. Another plan offered by NCWC Inc. is the Engine Plan. It covers the most expensive engine components and is recommended for older vehicles. There’s also the Powertrain Coverage (covers engine, transmission, and drive axles) and the Powertrain Enhance Coverage, which additionally covers the brakes, steering, electrical, and air conditioning.

Longer Vehicle Life

An extended auto service warranty covers different components of a vehicle, which can vary depending on the policy that you have chosen. Since these important parts will be serviced, your vehicle will consequently have a longer lifespan and will be more able to provide you with a reliable performance.

Increase The Value Of Your Vehicle

There are auto service warranties such as those offered by NCWC Inc. that are transferable. This means that if you sell your vehicle in the future, you will also be able to transfer the ownership of the policy. If someone is interested in buying your car, the extended warranty can make your vehicle more attractive. Having an extended warranty for your car is also a sign that the vehicle has been well taken care of. Hence, you can demand a higher price for it as well as increase the chances of your car being sold.

Emergency Services

What’s great about the plans offered by NCWC Inc. is that even if your car never has to be repaired while it is under the extended warranty, you will still be able to avail of other benefits. Such benefits include unlimited roadside assistance, lockout assistance, paid car rental, trip interruption protection, and national coverage.

With NCWC Inc.’s extended auto service warranty, you will no longer have to worry about car emergencies and unexpected repair costs because the plans are sure to have your specific needs covered.

Filing claims is a breeze. You would simply have to tell the repair facility to inform NCWC Inc. about the repair, and the claims process will already start. NCWC Inc. is active on Linkedin and pays policyholders or repair facilities by mailing a check or through credit card if the circumstance allows.