MG Midget & A-H Sprite – Your Expert Guide to Common Problems & How to Fix Them

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That a vehicle born in the late 1950s and ending production in 1979 would still be owned and driven today was way beyond the expectations of the original manufacturer. Hence, today’s Midget and Sprite owner needs to be aware of the special problems that can emerge through continued use. Just how do you look after and maintain a vehicle built last century? This book helps you identify all the things you need to be aware of to avoid trouble. The shortcomings, the odd funny noise, that little something that just does not seem quite right ... here, we sort them out. The book systematically describes all the main components of the Midget/Sprite, and details what can go wrong with each. Being able to identify simple warning signs can keep you ahead of a big repair bill – and possibly save you from being stranded at the road side. MG Midget & A-H Sprite by Terry Horler £12.99 ■Like having a real marque expert at your side – benefit from years of real ownership experience ■Identifies 101 common faults and fixes on your vehicle ■Diagnose problems from simple signs – vibrations, noises, smells, etc ■Over 100 photos, hints and tips ■Also covers basic vehicle problems, such as what to do if you have a flat battery, or the engine won’t start ■Handy size that fits in your glovebox ■What to carry in your spares kit for a quick roadside fix ■Details of club back-up and support organisationsTags:,