Memories of James Hunt by Christopher Hilton

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Memories of James Hunt by Christopher Hilton

Memories of James Hunt by Christopher Hilton

James Hunt – public school hell-raiser, loved and feared broadcaster, an enigma even to his friends – was one of the very few people who lived life as he wanted to. In this book of reminiscences from those who knew him and worked with him, all sorts of surprising material emerges, forming a rounded picture of this colourful character.Jochen Mass remembers James Hunt as ‘an eccentric’ in Memories of James Hunt. The book offers honest, frank and revealing insights into Hunt from those that knew him best, including his rival for the 1976 Championship, Niki Lauda.In the book, Lauda says of Hunt:‘He had charisma… He would not have allowed people to tell him what to do or how to behave. I was always very disciplined in my life and he had no rules at all!’

Friends, former wives and girlfriends, racing associates, and competitors were all asked for their strongest memories of Hunt, and their colourful mix of answers has resulted in this revealing book, which portrays him as a World Champion, Bohemian, womaniser, budgerigar breeder, a tender father, and an entertaining broadcaster.

  • Hardback
  • 216 x 135mm
  • 208 pages
  • 20 colour & 8 black and white illustrations
  • Murray Walker quote;
  • “James turned up with his leg in plaster cast wearing his horrible torn jeans shorts, barefoot, and by gum his feet smelt. He had a half-drunk bottle of rose. We were sitting on folding park chairs, James put his plaster cast in my lap amnd we proceed to do the broadcast….”

The Review

17 years following his untiemly and tragic death, Christopher Hilton provides his second book installment – this is a fascinating and insightful read into a gifted but eccentric English F1 talent.


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