Laser Brake Bleeder Wrench Set 6783 Product Review

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dscn0120The days of hunting around the tool box to find a suitable open ended spanner that may fit the odd size bleed nipple on your old drum brakes have long gone. The scenarios of the loose fitting option that slips, resulting in rounded off edges and blood from the knuckles or the other that is just a fraction too small but will fit with the help of brute force, these are history. The Laser kit consists of six wrenches that contain various six point sockets ranging from 7mm-12mm, offering a wide range of applications from old drum to modern disc or motorbike. The sockets are rubber lined inside for an airtight fit and colour coded with each wrench labelled for size and easy recognition. The kit also contains 1.2 metres of silicone hose with a one-way valve installed; it’s just a case of attaching the correct size, release and bleed. We tested the kit on a set of rear drums from a Reliant Kitten then changed the fitting for a modern VW Polo front caliper. The system also mated perfectly to our air bleeder for those working without the assistance of a third leg to pump the brake. Finally, if you manage to misplace or somehow damage one, each socket is available separately from Laser. Great tool, clever design and works with equal ease on brake or hydraulic clutch systems. Laser Brake bleeder wrench set 6783: £104.52 plus Vat Built in 6 point socket and wrench sizes 7/8/9/10/11/12mm - colour coded 1.2mm silicon hose and check valve Ideal for bleeding brake and hydraulic clutch systems Packed in a blow case with EVA foam. All wrenches available separately