How Does Driving a Classic Car Compare to Driving a Modern One?

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If you’re a fan of the history of motoring, and the artistry and design that’s gone into some of its most significant players, then a classic car might be an investment worth contemplating. However, if you’re used to the experience of driving a modern car, then sitting behind the wheel of something built when Harold Wilson was Prime Minister might provide a little bit of a shock.

So how does the experience differ from one to the other? Let’s take a look.


Things like air conditioning, braking assist, and parking sensors aren’t going to be included in a classic car. In some cases, you might not even have a radio to fiddle with. You’ll feel closer to the road, as you’ll have fewer distractions to contend with. On the other hand, you won’t have the comfort of stability control and ABS – everything that the car does is thanks to the input of the driver.

With that said, it’s still possible to make subtle modifications to a classic car, and give it some of the convenience and features of a modern car without compromising on that all-important sense of identity.

Sense of Identity

The production line has gotten increasingly automated over the last few decades. But if you’re driving something older, then you’ll come across more handmade components. Each of these was crafted by someone who put years into their trade, rather than a soulless robot. As a result, each car will have its own particular identity, as it’ll be slightly different from its peers.

If you spend any time contemplating this, then the drive will start to take on a more emotional significance.

Spare Parts

When you’re driving something old and rare, then you’ll find it accordingly difficult to get hold of spare parts. This makes it critical that you handle the car with care, and that you conduct regular maintenance. If a given spare part fails, then it might be that you have to spent a significant sum to secure a replacement.

Tyres are a common sticking-point. Cars of a certain vintage will rely on bias-ply tyres rather than modern radial ones. This affects the performance, and complicates the changes you’ll need to make. You might get around this by upgrading the suspension and wheels – but as soon as you do this, the car loses some of its original aesthetic. But if safety is your main concern, then tyres from reputable brands like Sailun tyres can be purchased online; they’ll help you to maintain the required grip on the road throughout the year.

The experience of driving a classic car, to be sure, isn’t for everyone. But for many, the features and gadgets that we’ve come to expect from a new vehicle are actually an impediment to what really matters – the experience of driving the car itself.