HGPCA Nuvolari Trophy Pre-1940 GP Cars (2013 Donington Historic Festival)

On the 25th March 1933, Yorkshire Textiles magnate Edward Ramsden Hall (MG) won Donington Park’s first car race. The Historic Grand Prix Cars Association celebrated its 8th Anniversary _ and four period Donington GPS – with a spectacular Pre-1940 double header. The event is named for Italy’s Tazio Nuvolari, arguably the greatest driver of all time.  Gritty and charismatic, the ‘Flying Mantuan@ was a motorcycle racing champion who found his metier in cars.  Already victorious in two RAC Tourist Trophy endures at Ards (piloting an Alfa Romeo 6C 1750GS in 1030 and an MG K3 Magnette in ’33) Targa Florios in ’31-’32, the Monaco GP and ’33 Le Mans (all in Alfas), Nuvolari wowed a massive crowd at Donington in ’38, wrestling a mighty V12 Auto Union 250 miles to add the final Donington GP to his winning CV