Factors To Consider When Buying A Classic Bentley

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Bentley is a revered luxury car manufacturer that has been producing quality vehicles for more than a hundred years.

Over that time, the company has cemented itself as a popular brand that has stood the test of time and become a significant player in the diverse luxury car market.

For many car enthusiasts, a Bentley is a dream car, and often they have their eye on a specific model.
As a luxury car, a new Bentley can set you back a significant amount of money, which is why many collectors and aficionados choose to buy a classic, used vehicle instead of a brand new, showroom model.

If you’re looking to buy a classic Bentley to add to your car collection, then here are the essential factors you need to take into account.

The Seller

The individual or company selling the vehicle will affect its condition, the price, and various other factors. Where possible, choose a reputable, experienced dealer of Bentleys, such as H. R. Owen. The brand is a certified Bentley provider and offers a wide range of new and used Bentleys, including some of the most sought-after classic models. As such, if you work with them or another experienced Bentley dealership, you’ll be able to enjoy your pick of a wide variety of classic models.

The Features

Each Bentley collection contains different technical and physical features, so it’s essential that you check that the classic Bently you’re looking to buy has everything you want. If you find that one model, or even a whole collection, doesn’t incorporate what you need, then check out the other options available. The brand releases new cars every year, meaning that there are a host of different alternatives to choose from.

The Condition

If you’re choosing a classic model, then it’s likely to be a used car. Buying a used car can cause several challenges for buyers, as you’ll have to review the condition of the vehicle and make sure that it’s in good working order. A great way to ensure that the Bentley you’re buying is in top condition is to buy one from the Bentley approved used car scheme. The scheme will reassure you that the vehicle has been maintained to the standard the manufacturer expects. You should also review the car’s condition yourself, checking vital components such as the brakes, engine block, and exhaust so that you can rest assured that your new vehicle is in perfect working order.

The Model

When you’re buying a classic Bentley, you should always check the official model description, so that you can assess whether the seller has made any modifications to the vehicle. You will also be able to verify that the car is not a fake. If the car is significantly different from the official description, or it has features that weren’t originally offered on that model, then you should speak to the seller and ask for verification of the car’s origins. Being thorough will ensure that you find the perfect classic Bentley for your collection.