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Race Retro Rally StageThis year’s Race Retro will see legendary Rally drivers put to the test on an exciting new live action Rally Stage when it returns to Stoneleigh Park from 12th to 14th March. Featuring more sharp turns and an amazing power slide for the drivers to enjoy, the new course is also much more visitor friendly with a raised spectator viewing bank and all tarmac paddock where enthusiasts can get up close to the cars in service. Show Operations Manager David Alderson said: “We’ve run the rally stage in its established location for six years now and whilst it was enjoyed by all, it was time to raise the bar for the drivers and give the visitors a better view of all the action. The new stage is also much more convenient, situated less than 200 metres from the front of the exhibition halls. I’m really excited that we can finally bring the action close to the exhibition halls and save our rally enthusiasts from that long cold trek through the park.” The new rally stage is still all Tarmac, with the start and finish line adjacent to a spectator area. The course begins with a 90 degree left turn into a fast straight with a midpoint ‘yump’, then left again along a shorter straight before a sharp left and right complex. This is followed by a dramatic double left directly in front of the spectator viewing area, so expect the fast boys to make this one long power slide before they make a 90 degree right back to the start/finish. The stage lap length is 0.5 of a mile and cars will complete two laps on each run. This allows two cars to be in action on the stage at any one time. If the course isn’t enough to get you excited, then the line-up of cars is sure to get the blood pumping. Visitors can expect to see an iconic selection of genuine ex works Audi quattros. From the original long wheelbase A2 coupe that shook the rallying world on its debut in 1980, to the outrageous short wheelbase S1 Evo 2, Audi’s final statement of the Group B era, all will be a part of the show’s celebration of thirty years of the quattro. Joining the quattros will be a further selection of Group B rallying monsters from the recently formed, ‘Rallying with Group B’ club. Expect to see Ford RS200, MG 6R4, Lancia 037, Peugeot 205T16, Porsche RSR supported by Stratos, Rover V8 SD1, Manta 400, TR7V8, and of course the Rothmans Escort, all the genuine article from Rallying’s illustrious past. Add to this the full range of ex Russell Brookes ‘Andrews Heat for Hire’ cars all appearing in the hands of the ever popular British rallying maestro, and a new innovation for Race Retro 2010, the inclusion of an invited selection of the most dramatic rally ‘specials’ from the British rally championships. The historic kart racers will perform their now established warm-up demonstration before the appearance of the rally cars in each of the Saturday and Sunday live action sessions. The karts will use a shorter loop section of the new rally stage immediately in front of the spectator areas. There will be everything from early class 1 machines up to the very fast class 4 250 gearbox karts. The new kart track received an enthusiastic ‘thumbs-up’ on recent inspection by British Historic Kart Club officials who will as always be organising the kart action at Race Retro 2010.Tags: