Classic cars for new drivers

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Classic cars for new driversWith classic car insurance prices averaging more than £3,500 for a 17 year old driver, some young drivers are looking to older, more classic cars to help drive their costs down. Here are the classic cars that have seen the lowest car insurance premiums for a 17 year old.* VW Beetle Iconic VW with huge iconic following, rear-engined car first released to the public in 1945. Over 21,000,000 units were sold worldwide! Value (based on a 1969 VW Beetle coupe): £4,500 Lowest Premium: £213 0-60 time: 32.1s Top speed: 72mph MPG: 32 Morris Mini Small economy car marketed under BMC’s two main brands until 1969. Cheap motoring and great handling, eventually becoming the Mini Cooper. Value (based on a 1964 Morris Mini coupe): £9,000 Lowest Premium: £206 0-60 time: 27.1s Top speed: 72mph MPG: 44mpg Morris Minor A major step forward in handling, steering, braking and roominess, the Minor was the first British car to sell more than 1,000,000 units. Value (based on a 1960 Morris Minor 1000 saloon): £5,000 Lowest Premium: £194 0-60 time: 22.2s Top speed: 77mph MPG: 38 Austin Mini Became a marque in its own right in 1969. The last pre-BMW Mini was made in 2000, but over 5,000,000 had been made at this point. Value (based on a 1963 Mini Cooper saloon): £10,000 Lowest Premium: £193 0-60 time: 27.1s Top speed: 72mph MPG: 44mpg Triumph Herald Well liked by both press and public; a modern and stylish car at the time of launch. Cheap to buy and maintain, and over 30 mpg is achievable. Value (based on a 1964 Triumph Herald 200 convertible): £4,500 Lowest Premium: £124 0-60 time: 28.6s Top speed: 74mph MPG: 34 *all figures are the lowest single quotes from 2012 for a 17 year old, based on an annual comprehensive policy, rounded to the nearest pound. Car values are averages based on a model in average condition. Brought to you by and Classic Car MagazineTags:,