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1972 MGB GTHere at Classic car we enjoy watching the classic market and think it’s time to detail some of the vehicles you can purchase right now. We also want open our sales room to readers; offering you the option of advertising your classic by producing a small write up and pictures. Its free to all and contact can be made through our web site or facebook page where we can advise on the transfer of pictures and copy. Trade & private sales welcome.

Today we bring you…

1972 MGB GT                                                  For Sale at: Orchard Classics


107,108 miles                                                  01243 555595


Aqua blue was available for one year only which is a shame, as in 2017 it works for the ‘B’ and although no date is available as to the repaint, one would suggest it was certainly over a decade ago. The leading edge of the bonnet has suffered some chips and the other noticeable areas are both rear quarters where they join the roof; slight bridging has occurred and a tiny paint crack has appeared on the o/s. The chrome is original and has survived very well, certainly not worth replacing unless you are looking ‘Concours’. Slight surface pits on the chromed Rostyles compliment the rest of the exterior; aged certainly but also very acceptable and with its bold colour this GT does stand out from the crowd.


1972 MGB GT interiorThat ‘crackle’ finish enjoyed by MGB’s dash requires re-applying but the door cards and ‘cappings’ are in excellent order as is the roof lining. The driver’s seat has the familiar ‘sag’ on the outside due to the foam collapsing; not vital but a task for future owners to consider and whilst the seats are removed a carpet shampoo could be achieved. With a lovely ‘Moto-lita’ steering wheel and matching gear knob the interior appearance is brightened, the Kenwood CD may or may not add to the ambiance. Gauges sprang to life with ignition and the oil pressure gauge showed healthy numbers throughout along with switches for heated rear screen and hazards. Inside this GT is a nice place to be and a little time with minimal cost could be most impressive.

Engine Bay

1972 MGB GT engineThe most common way to improve beneath any MGB’s bonnet is the matt black application and this car is no exception. Eventually, everyone bites the bullet and repaints to exterior colour. This engine is minus any leaks, as is the radiator and hoses and no doubt this area has not been neglected with a file of invoices and history that will make for a long evening’s reading. As previously mentioned the engine was replaced in the early 90s some 57k miles ago and enjoys unleaded fuel and there are no unwanted noises. A few hours matching the shine of the carbs to the bling offered by the rocker cover would be well spent but overall the mechanicals perform as they should and that’s what really matters.

On the Road

Cold starts present no problems for this GT; full choke required for seconds before the motor settles quickly and quietly. It’s fair to comment MGB’s are often easier to drive compared to some alternate classics and there are no surprises here. Clutch height is slightly above the norm and the gear selection is precise with excellent overdrive and on the move the motor is willing providing a driving experience that is enjoyable. The handling too is minus any unwanted clonks or bangs whilst the brakes are efficient and progressive, although you can feel a slight hesitation on the pedal; one feature my own MGB resolved with a fluid flush and bleed. A new unleaded engine was fitted in 1991 after 50k miles and is lively, quiet and minus any obvious vices.


A truly honest MGB GT that offers a really pleasant drive with nothing to frighten either the long term enthusiast or the first timer. It would certainly benefit from some extra effort but the basics are all solid and it is all wrapped in the ‘one year only’ Aqua blue which we believe is a bonus. There is room for improvement without breaking the bank and as everyone knows, the chrome bumper MG will always turn heads.

Spec: MGB GT 1972

Engine: 1798cc / 4cyl/ OHV

Power: 95BHP @ 5400rpm

Torque: 105 lbs ft @ 3000rpm

Max speed: 104 mph

0-60 mph: 13 secs

Fuel Consumption: 25mpg

Transmission: 4 speed with O/D

MOT: March 2018