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1968 Morris Minor Traveller1968 Morris Minor Traveller engineHere at Classic car we enjoy watching the classic market and think it’s time to detail some of the vehicles you can purchase right now. We also want open our sales room to readers; offering you the option of advertising your classic by producing a small write up and pictures. Its free to all and contact can be made through our web site or facebook page where we can advise on the transfer of pictures and copy. Trade & private sales welcome.

Today we bring this amazing 1968 Morris Minor Traveller for sale at:
Country Classic Cars Ltd. Midhurst, West Sussex. GU29 9DH
18,363 miles
Price £11,750.00

Morris Minor TravellerThis Minor belies its age unlike any other ‘Moggie’ I have turned the key to start; including my own. Instantly fires up with a little choke and ticks over like a watch but the real surprise is the gearbox which selects precisely and not requiring the driver to stir around searching. The clutch is light whilst the steering is exact and assured, the suspension largely ignores rough surfaces and although you know this Morris has half a century behind it, everything feels tight. Having stood unused for decades this Traveller has just benefited from a full service and all it requires now is some miles which should return additional bite to the brake shoes. The 1098cc motor is certainly lively and the instantly recognisable exhaust burble catches the attention of admirers. This Traveller has many unique virtues, a consequence of minimal usage and dry storage for it to while away the years. Very little to criticise and a sale price that will attract much interest, this could certainly be higher if the car was accompanied by a folder of ancient paperwork. It drives as well as it looks and this ‘Moggie’ looks almost showroom fresh. The Old English White finish is superb, the only blemish a small chip on the n/s rear infill panel which requires a touch in. The wood has enjoyed a very recent flat followed by three coats of yacht varnish which has enhanced its light hue slightly and inspection failed to reveal any soft or damp timber; this frame is in excellent order. The front bumper is original and does have the faintest of patina, certainly not pitted, whilst inspection of the rear original bumper blades confirms the seller is right to supply the car with a new pair. A good look at every wheel arch and closer examination of the floor pans reveal a weld and corrosion free underside; a rarity indeed with any Minor.

1968 Morris Minor Traveller interiorInside it is virtually perfect, you would be forgiven for thinking it has been freshly restored and the only considerations for a new owner would include a fresh coat of colour on the heater housing. Also, the drivers glove box would benefit from a new card board insert as the existing one has become detached. The seating is unmarked as is the carpet and trims, whilst the steering wheel enjoys a hint of age. Opening the rear doors, again the trimming and carpets show no signs of wear or even use; the last tax disc was applied in 2006 and this Traveller has been with the same family (mother & daughter) since 1978. Unfortunately, neither considered keeping any relevant documentation and the sellers price has taken that into consideration. One area that remains largely untouched is under the hood and this may well inspire the new owner to invest a few hours, the basics are excellent and time spent with polish and some BMC green will really boost this compartment. A few wires will benefit from a tidy up and the SU carb has dripped onto the painted panel beneath, nothing a cutting compound will not resolve. All the hoses look secure and even the cork rocker cover gasket shows no signs of leaking. Having remained static for such a long period the seller has carried out a full service with all fluids replaced. The ignition system is original minus any electronic conversion and I would suggest the installation of a hidden in line fuel filter.

1968 Morris Minor Traveller Specifications;

  • Engine: 1098cc /4 Cyl /A Series
  • Power: 48bhp @ 5100rpm
  • Torque: 60lbs ft @ 2500rpm
  • Maximum speed: 78mph
  • 0-50mph: 15.8 secs
  • Fuel Consumption: 31mpg
  • Transmission: RWD, four speed man
  • MOT: 1 year