Celebrating World Wide Day of the Volkswagen Beetle

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  Vintage cars provide a gateway to the past. The vehicles are not just machines but the time-machines which compel us to think more about the bygone era.  One of many those rare, and valuable vintage cars is, Volkswagen Beetle. A vehicle which was planned as a peoples' car and enjoys the status of the cherished object. Now to relive the era, fans of Volkswagen Beetle around the globe observe 22 June as, `World  Wide Day of Volkswagen Beetle'. One more interesting trend has started with the day's celebration, `Drive your Volkswagen to Work Day'. As the name suggests, this day Beetle lovers hit the road for their office in their beloved car. This celebration is one step ahead of lovers of the other vintage car. Such celebrations keep the brand and car alive in the market as well as in mind and hearts of the people. Such celebration enhances the brand appeal.

The history of celebration is fascinating. The official document says that `On the 22nd June 1932, a contract was signed between German Automobile Industry National Association and Dr Ferdiand Porsche. By this contract Eng. Porsche GmbH ought to develop Volkswagen and submit the first prototype within ten months. This was the moment in history when the journey of Volkswagen Beetle began. To celebrate this way the event started in the year 1995.

The climate in the northern hemisphere is comfortable in 22nd June. This day is also the longest day of the year. Climatic reasons make this day more interesting.  One more fun fact about the day is that world also celebrates this day as the International Yoga Day. These factors are unique coincidences which enhance the pleasure of celebration.

This day millions of Volkswagen lovers take out their Beetle car and hit the road. Many rallies are organised all over the world to observe the day. On this 22 June, a meg rally was planned in the Indian city of Bengaluru. This procession was a large cavalcade and turned out to be a media event. The buying vintage Volkswagen Beetle is the recent trend. For example, according to one report, youngsters from the United Kingdom are giving preference to Volkswagen Beetle over other vintage cars. Taking a serious note of this growing trend financial institutes are providing car loans on easy instalments. UK online bank credit is also one of the booming sectors because of this fashion. The car lovers must study all the necessary documents to apply for a loan. Financial Conduct Authority has provided all the essential conditions for the security of vehicles. Customers must check their website,fca.org.uk for more information. A healthy ecosystem is developing around it. This factor is making the things easy to buy vintage cars.

History of the Volkswagen Beetle is fascinating. In Hitler ruled Germany roads were good. The state was planning to roll out big-budget infrastructure projects. The Hitler wanted a car which his all middle-class citizens could afford and drive on the then newly built roads. Since then, Volkswagen has come a long way. Now with people are reviving the brand with the new appeal. Even the Volkswagen company is bringing out new editions of the car. The new generation of the Volkswagen Beetle will revolutionise the vehicle market. The car will run on electricity and will be completely pollution free. So now future generation will have more reasons to celebrate World Wide Day of Volkswagen Beetle.