A Few Quick Tips for Finding the Right Customised Number Plate

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Personalised or customised number plates are quite popular in the UK, but finding the perfect one can be both time consuming and unnecessarily expensive. If you have been thinking about getting a private plate recently to commemorate a special event or accomplishment, or to celebrate buying a new car that you had wanted for a while now, we have the tips to help you find your private registration plate fast.

Experiment Online with Web Tools

Instead of just searching blindly, use a web tool that popular number plate builders have on their sites. These tools are developed to let you design and redesign number plates online until you find exactly what you are looking for. When you have the options set before you, and you can virtually see what the final design will look like, you shouldn’t have to look too far anymore. When you do manage to hit the sweet spot, you will instantly see the perfect registration plate that you want.

Save Time and Money by Laying Down a Budget

When you lay down a definite and practical budget, your options are reduced in terms of materials, design elements, and various other personalisation options. That is not a bad thing, however, because it accelerates the whole process. Choosing a personalised number plate is all about narrowing down your options, and setting a budget will help you to both curb costs and save time. Just make sure that even if you do choose a cheap option, it’s actually compliant with the safety rules and standards set by the DVLA. Visit the government site to confirm that your registration plates are compliant before ordering them.

Do Cheap Registration Plates with Customisation Options?

You can easily find cheap registration plates these days, but are any of them going to be the right option for the car in question? For instance, if you own a classic car like the Rover Vitesse, the Fiat Original, or maybe even the Volkswagen Golf GTI MK1, you should perhaps stay away from the usual lot of cheap registration plates that do not complement the ageless classics in the way that they should. To be able to find a cheap registration plate manufacturer that also maintains the product’s quality and complies with the British Road Standards is not an easy task. However, if you could get a compliant manufacturer, and your registration plate came with customisation options as well, you have just found a deal! Number1Plates brings such deals to their customers by refusing to compromise on the quality of even their cheap registration plates. You can get a 100% road legal number plate with personalisation options delivered the next day, for less than £200. While that’s a relatively low price to pay for private plates, these registrations plates are still all made with British Road regulations and reflective standards of the acrylics in mind.

Don’t Make Silly Mistakes While Ordering

You would be surprised at how many people have to get their number plates corrected or even remade if they were a special order, just because the car owner forgot how the license plate numbering system works in the UK, or simply because they did not take the time necessary to understand it! Admittedly, it is a bit complicated, so take your time to know how to be compliant with the DVLA standards of license plates first, before you begin designing the plate. If you can avoid the mistakes that so many people often make, you will save both money and time, which you would otherwise end up losing quite unnecessarily. To help readers get the gist of it fast, we have prepared a small list of pointers:
  • The first letter represents the area where the plate is issued from
  • The second letter represents the exact DVLA office where the car is registered at
  • In the middle, you will need to accommodate the year of registration with two numbers
  • From 2020 onwards, all cars registered between September and February (of the next year), will have a 7 and the last number of the concurrent year in the middle
  • This means that a car bought in February 2021 must have the middle number 71
Lastly, you need to make sure that the registration number you want is actually available. Now, given that the DVLA only just switched to the 70 Format from the 60 Format in 2020, there’s a high chance that you will get exactly what you want. Even if someone already has the plate you want, but they got it during the last decade, the 7 on your number plate will set it apart from the 6 on theirs. Even then, it’s probably a good idea to hurry before the 70 Format becomes more common. Your plate manufacturer should have a registered numbers search engine available for customers to check what is available and what isn’t.