A beginner’s guide to classic car restoration

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Are you a keen petrolhead with an appreciation for automotive history? You might well have taken plenty of enjoyment from driving around in some vintage vehicles at track days, but what about classic car restoration? It can prove an extremely enjoyable and rewarding hobby, and one that offers you the opportunity to learn and to expand your social circle.

There’s always been plenty of debate about the greatest classic cars of all time, and you might feel that now’s the time to get your hands dirty and return a timeless model to its former glories. But for those who are new to the restoration game, here are a few key pointers to help get the wheels turning on your next project.

Join a club

There are hundreds of classic car clubs dotted all around the country, and a quick internet search will tell you which ones are nearest to you. They’re a great place to start because they offer the chance to meet new people and immerse yourself within the classic car community. Once you’ve joined up, you’ll be able to get plenty of hints and tips from the other members about the dos and don’ts, as well as which models make for easier restoration. Which brings us onto…

Choose your model carefully

There are plenty of classic cars out there and available for sale if you know where to look. But the key is to select a vehicle that offers a realistic chance of being restored to a high standard. For some older or niche models, it may be trickier to find the appropriate parts, so don’t make the mistake of setting yourself an insurmountable challenge, or you may get disheartened.

Know your limits and be prepared to learn

If you’re a keen mechanic with plenty of experience then restoring a classic car might come as second nature. For others, however, it’s a learning curve so it’s important to appreciate that and not set your expectations too high. Be prepared to make mistakes on the job and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a more skilled hand if required.

Budget sensibly

In terms of both time and money, it’s important to dedicate your resources carefully. From a financial point of view, be sure to shop around for quotes for professional work such as spray painting in order to get the most for your money. Furthermore, it’s unrealistic to spend your entire weekend under the bonnet if you’ve got a young family to look after. Instead, set time aside that is yours to work on your project and it’ll give you something to look forward to.

Enjoy yourself!

The previous point is especially pertinent when it comes to classic car restoration. It’s a hobby to be enjoyed, not a chore to be endured, so make sure you’re getting the most out of it and don’t lose that love for vintage vehicles!