6 Coolest Cars of the 1960’s

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1969 was a pioneering year for classic cars, the start of a new era of cool, but there were many made in the 60s that are still highly sought after today. Here are our top pics for the coolest cars from the 60s. They are not in any particular order, as each has its own desirable features, so we’ll leave the judging up to you. Which one would you buy if you could? And if you did, we’d imagine you’d insure it pretty quickly. If you are in the market to buy a classic car check out State Insurance before you do. They have a wide range of insurance options form third party through to comprehensive. Visit state.co.nz/car-insurance
  1. Ferrari Dino 246 GT (1969)
Ferrari Dino 246 GT (1969)The Dino 206 and 246 models are considered legendary in the classic car world. This car features the first mid-engine layout produced by Ferrari and set the standard for the cars to follow. It features smooth edges which show it is designed for speed, and set it apart from many of the square edged cars that were driving around at the time.
  1. Ford Boss 429 Mustang (1969)
Ford Boss 429 Mustang (1969)Often labelled the best muscle car of all time, this car was the first with a much more powerful engine to be produced by Ford. It is limited edition, there were only 857 made, so they are very difficult to get hold of now. Originally designed as a race car, but they were legally required by NASCAR to make 500 with that engine to be able to run them on the race track, so it became an on-road car as well.
  1. Jaguar E Type (1961)
Jaguar E Type (1961)This car was so stunning that in 1961 Enzo Ferrari called it the most beautiful car he had ever seen. This British sports car offered high performance, high visual appeal, and competitive pricing. It was based on the D model which was a successful racing car, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans three years in a row in the late 50’s.
  1. Aston Martin DB5 (1964)
Aston Martin DB5 (1964)You can’t argue with James Bond’s taste in cars. The DB5 has featured in 7 Bond Movies to date, Goldfinger, Thunder Ball, Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale, Skyfall and the most recent Bond film Spectre. It has been driven by three Bond actors, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. We are likely to see it continue appearing there.
  1. Alpha Romeo Spider Duetto (1966)
Alpha Romeo Spider Duetto (1966)The stylish spider was so popular that it stayed in production (with only very minor changes) for almost 30 years. Its name was chosen through a competition with over 100,000 entries, with a prize of one of the cars. The winning name was ‘Duetto’ but due to trademark issues they couldn’t officially call it that and it ended up being called the Alpha Romeo Spider 1600, but the company and fans still referred to it as the Spider Duetto.
  1. Lamborghini Miura (1966)
Lamborghini Miura (1966)This car had eyelashes, but that just adds to its cool factor. Often made in bright colours, yellow, red and green being the most common, this car stood out from the rest in many ways. It was the first supercar with a rear mid-engined two seat layout, which is now the standard for sports and supercars.

Some Honourable Mentions that Almost Made the List:

Dodge Charger (1969) Dodge Charger (1969) Chevrolet Camaro (1969) Chevrolet Camaro (1969) Toyota 2000 GT (1969) Toyota 2000 GT (1969) Shelby Cobra 427 (1966) Shelby Cobra 427 (1966)